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MatesGate is a very fast growing social network, which pays you to simply be an active member.

How To Earn On MatesGate?

Earnings on MatesGate, is a very simple and easy process. Simply Register and/or Log-in then everyday you should click the 2 sponsored links to help raise the POT.

The POT is how much you earn monthly or is how much that is split between all the members.

The more active members clicking the 2 sponsored links daily = a higher pot = higher monthly earnings

Features Of MatesGate?

MatesGate has a wide range of features here are some with some descriptions:

  • Wall, for everyone to use to post messages to every member who logs-in
  • Forums for help, general chat and just a place to hang-out
  • Blogs, make your own built-in blog on MatesGate and start blogging
  • Links area where you can post links to all the members, just a free place to advertise really
  • Quiz pot where you answer a question and if your right you can win a share of a separate POT
  • Paid to chat, this is where you chat and you can earn even more money on MatesGate. You chat to other MatesGate members.
  • Polls is an area of the site where you vote in the latest poll to decide what you want from MatesGate next and in doing so also adds money to the POT.
  • Events Is where you can post events that are happening near you, similar to the Facebook events feature
  • Photos/Videos, upload them and share them with all the members.

    What Is The Pot?

    The POT is what you earn monthly or in some cases is what is split between the members monthly.

    The POT can be different every month and is dependable upon the revenue generated for the previous month.

    Payment Options

    MatesGate pays ALL it's members a share of the POT every Friday of the first full week in a new month.

    It accepts both PayPal and AlertPay.

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    author avatar Denise O
    24th Jun 2011 (#)

    I have never heard of it. Learn something new everyday. Thank you for sharing.:)

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    author avatar wjack2010
    24th Jun 2011 (#)

    Denise You are welcome. It is a great website and I wish most of the Wikinut community will join so we can all socialise. Whilst making money.

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    author avatar Prasul Surendran
    25th Jun 2011 (#)

    Sounds interesting, I should join it soon!

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    author avatar wjack2010
    25th Jun 2011 (#)

    Yes you should. And if you upgrade on there site to Featured Member you can get more than $16 monthly from them but as a standard free member you will only get a few dollars.

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    author avatar technology-fold
    24th Nov 2011 (#)


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    author avatar wjack2010
    24th Nov 2011 (#)


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    author avatar Retired
    20th Jul 2012 (#)

    I still can not get my articles reveiwed on wikinut because I have never received my email so I can verify my email. I would like someone to send it to me.
    Thank you

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