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I am an interfaith minister with an online ministry. Can you help me sell my house to buy a church in a small town that has a vacant church, so I can expand my ministry?

Please help me get a church

The neighbor's house just sold for $69,999. It is 1980 and mine is 1976. The real estate in this area, according to is APPRECIATING 4.8% each year. The same was true of the previous house I owned, it appreciated for awhile.

Coincidences and Numerology

I had a sales associate price my home within the last week. Her estimate was $43,500. I found a church for sale for $42,500. It seemed to be too much of a coincidence. I did more research and found out that 1/2 block away from me in space #100 (I am in #133) so this is across the street from me on same street, is a house that sold a month ago on July 20, 2015 for $69,999. The address of the park is 6900. My house is the space of the house sold + 33, a number of significance to Scottish Rite Temple, Masonic Brotherhood, Knights Templar. That house is exactly the same square footage as my house 1440. 12 squared times a hundred. 12 months, 12 astrological signs, 12 hours.

444 and 1440

The tax tag on my house has a "444" see photo in other article already published on WikiNut. The other house is exactly 4 years newer than mine. Please visualize/pray with me. I also had a dream last night that I was standing in front of a small group of little old ladies (they were real old dressed in white with white hair) and they were clapping and I was singing Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore, Halleluyah...

The router is 888 and my birthday in 4 days is 8.28.58

More angel numbers on randomly assigned devices bought randomly online, from This is a photograph of current router for current computer.

In any event, if you can kindly make a donation via paypal to and I promise:

To publish here an accounting of all such donations.
To begin a church newsletter online on a website called "Beit Shalvah" (Sanctuary House).
To publish all tax records.
To apply for non-profit (charity) status as soon as they accept me as their minister.

I am asking for prayers if that's all you feel you can give.

44 again

I was ordained by ULC as John Lennon was. I was born in 1958 44 days after Julia Lennon died and she was 44 when she died. I was born in a hospital called St. John's to a man given name Yankel Owiecko (or in English, John Lamb) on the day (after sundown on a full moon) John the Baptist was beheaded. My father died in 1995, a few months before my son, in the photo here was born, in Berkeley, California. We now both reside in Oregon. He just turned 20. He likes to listen to Beatles music.

I lived in Haifa, Israel for many years and visited the Jordan River on the Israeli side. I read many languages and speak Hebrew, French and English.

I practice sun gazing, sun bathing, vegan diet, purification in water and I often look for hidden meanings in symbolism of inter-faith cultures and in dreams. I hope to have a church to practice and expand my interfaith mission.


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I am an ordained minister in my 50s. My ministry is online. I practice meaningful written dialogue, truth in all things. Ascending beyond past. I will be here regardless of pay.

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author avatar Rev. Abby Jo
24th Sep 2015 (#)

I own my house free and clear. Landlord owns land. I dispute the land is clean, he claims it is I claim it is unclean. I want to be bought out so I can move into this church.

It is still available and I am still interested. My landlord is a real estate company, the owner, Adam W. Cook, is a licensed real estate agent. Do you think my landlord can arrange it?

The company is called Commonwealth Real Estate Services. They are an Oregon corporation. I pray then can arrange it, with God's help and all our prayers.

I would like to gather God's truth seekers and practice veganism, organic farming, herbalism, sun-gazing pure thought in a non-denominational church, an environment of tolerance and equality within an average American small town. I would like to save the church as a church from being torn down for land.

My latest comments about landlord are in this public document, filed yesterday in the local circuit court.

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