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While blogging can be rewarding all on its own many bloggers choose a niche topic and seek to earn residual income from their blogs. "Monetizing" your blog will help you make money doing something you enjoy.

How Do I Choose How to Monetize My Blog

There are several ways that a blogger can make money from that blog. It is important to know that unless you have a great deal to spend on marketing and promotion you aren't likely to earn untold riches from a single blog. Diversity, linking and the right niche market has as much to do with your blog earnings as the content in your posts.

Surely you've been to a really successful blog that gets hundreds of visitors each day and has dozens of comments on every post. Wow, wouldn't it be great to have a blog like that. If you want to try there is nothing stopping you. Your first step is to visit some of these blogs. If you need an example of what I am talking about just click here.

Q. Can you get ideas from successful blogs to help you with monetizing your own blog?
A. Definitely

Q. Will You succeed and have a wildly sucessful blog?
A. Maybe

Q. Is it worth a shot?
A. Definitely.

Pay Per Click Advertising

As you peruse those succesful blogs you probably noticed that there is far more on the page than just a blog post. One of the things you will have seen is pay per click advertising. This is a free opportunity for you, that can earn you money. Simply sign up for Google Adsense, Adbrite or for adult blogs Black Label Ads. These programs will then provide you with ad code to copy and paste onto your blog. They then pay you a few cents each time one of your readers clicks on an ad. The amount you make on these ads depends on the traffic and how well the ads are aligned with your posts. This is where keywords and SEO come in handy for helping you earn from your blog.

Selling Advertising Space

If you have a good amount of traffic to your blog you may be interested in the infinitely more lucrative idea of selling advertising space on your blog instead of pay per click ads. Advertise Space is a helpful site that will help match up your ad space with companies that need advertising locations. Pricing should be based on the number of visitors you get per month, and you will be paid for displaying the ads whether anyone clicks on them or not.

One thing to remember about selling ad space and pay per click ads is that too many ads will distract the reader, and not enough ads won't entice them to click. Pro bloggers suggest a space on the side of the blog near the top (this is known as above the fold, like newspaper advertising) featuring no more than 10 ads.

E-book Sales

Purchase e-books with resale rights, or even write your own e-book related to the subject of your blog. By placing these e-books for sale on your website you will entice your readers to purchase them to learn more about the subject of your blog.

For example if you have a gardening blog, you can sell e-books about specific aspects of gardening like composting, or growing flowers.

Donation Buttons

PayPal and a few other sites off a code for a donation button that you can copy and paste on your blog. Surely in your blog visits you've seen a "buy me a cup of coffee" button, these are easy to add and can make you a few dollars each month. If your readers find what they are looking for on your blog they will be more inclined to donate to keep it going.

Paid Blog Posts

There are several paid posting sites which will match you (the blog writer) with other bloggers, businesses, and sites that need some exposure. You can be paid to mention a company or product in a post on your blog, or to post a review of a product.

Make A Decision or Use Them All

As you can see there are many ways to make money from your blog, the trick is to figure out what works for your niche subject, your blog design and your personal style. Whether you use one of these methods or all of them is entirely up to you. Learn more by visiting these links.


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author avatar Kelraye78
18th Jul 2010 (#)

This is great information! I have monetized all of my blogs, but I have not generated enough traffic yet, nor have I made a whole lot of money from them. I hope to have more time to devote to them soon, and I will keep these tips in mind!

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author avatar Patrice Campbell
18th Jul 2010 (#)

Great article. Glad you mentioned Advertise Space. I have to check that one out.

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author avatar Retired
18th Jul 2010 (#)

Nice writing monetizing tips and it does take a while to get blogs to start earning. I agree that trying them all to find what works is smart;)

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author avatar Muzamil
18th Jul 2010 (#)

Blogging for money is good till your content is good, if you blog for money then you wont have much for blogging, choose a subject which you are really interested in to get visitors which are genuinely interested in your subject plus you will also get SEO benefits without doing anything from your side.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
19th Jul 2010 (#)

I am trying to become a free lance writer. I got in to typing for money it isn't working all that great yet. But I am very Hopeful. Thank you for your feed back I get in a rush over things that need to be fixed. I forget to fix it before I publish it . Thank you for your help. Oh an good writing.

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author avatar drelayaraja
19th Jul 2010 (#)

Nice share. Blogging can be very useful in money making.

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author avatar Retired
19th Jul 2010 (#)

This is just what a blogger is looking for:) Great article

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author avatar Melissa Dawn
25th Jul 2010 (#)

Great article. Especially about the black label ads, wasn't aware of that one.

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author avatar SuzAlicie
25th Jul 2010 (#)

Melissa, Black Label Ads is affiliated with Adbrite, but they publish ads for adult themed sites that Adsense and Adbrite won't let you display their ads on.

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author avatar Ehsan
25th Jul 2010 (#)

A very nice post with lots of information in it. Thank you Syzalicie for sharing such great info with us!

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author avatar Charlene Nuble
14th Nov 2010 (#)

What I usually do to monetize my blog is add adsense to my blog and look for clickbank products that's related to my topic.

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author avatar Untraditional income
29th Mar 2012 (#)

I enjoyed the tips you are providing on your website. Residual income can make life easier by providing long term income for doing something one time. Thanks for the information

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