Money saving for holiday

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this article comprises some ideas on how to save for your holiday. it is about three main topics which is allowance savings, cutting on expenses and also working.

Money savings for holiday

Be it walking through the beautiful alley in Venice or relaxing with wide ocean view on a cruise, holiday is definitely a portal to stress free life. As nothing comes free in this world, money indeed is an issue. With a pretty drastic increase in the living cost be it in Europe or in Malaysia, going for a holiday seems like a big burden. But worry no more! You don’t have to be hungry all day long or even work double time just to get a holiday. All you have to do is just to master some tips and next thing you’ll know you will be flying on an airplane to you dream destination.
There are many tricks that can be used to get to your dream destination. Holidays can be on various range of price. Either it locally or internationally but obviously going on holiday outside Malaysia can be a lot pricey. Thus a proper planning is a must. Now as you know on where to go all you need to focus on is your budget. Let say you got an allowance of 700 ringgit per month, for a start you can save about 200 ringgit will be good, well it is actually a lot! Yes it sounds so difficult to cut down your expenses but trust me they will pay back! You have to be smart on separating between your expenses and saving. Make another account if that suits you. With that you can divide between your necessities and savings. As for girls, yes, you can do some shopping but do not go overboard. This is an example; you can adjust the amount of saving to suit your pocket.
Cutting on food expenses is another idea that relatively synchronizes with student’s lifestyle. Although this sound pretty much negative but it does works. By this it does not mean you have to eat instant noodle every day. For example you can cook. Contradict to our believes cooking actually does not take a lot of time. If you are familiar with Jamie Oliver or even Master chef, it only requires ten or twenty minutes to complete a dish! Since cooking is unconventional for those who are living in hostels, they can choose another option like buying a cheaper food. Feeling like a cheapskate? Please don’t. Trust me the quality of non branded food are sometimes so much better than the branded ones. For example you can buy food with Tesco or Giant brand. Those brands do not affect the taste of the food at all.
If you are talented or know how to make things that is a total bonus. Not that you have to be a full time worker and neglect your study. Be smart to look for an opportunity to sell your goods or product. For example you can sell cupcakes on celebration (preferably when you have holiday) or even sell it on some events in your collage. On the other hand pre loved items are a hip right now. If you have a lot of things that you don’t really use anymore, why don’t sell your stuff as a pre loved items. Social media is the perfect medium for that. Lastly if you can’t bake or dont have any items to be sell, you can always work at any stores as a part timer. Although there are always cons to working, but a wise man would know how to separate between study and working.
With some determinations you would definitely can enjoy your holiday soon. Good luck!


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