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Is it really possible to make money online? Have to tried many paid to click programs, paid to read emails programs, paid to shop programs amongst many others and lost? Are you on the verge of giving up? Making money online is possible. You just need the right attitude and an eye for opportunities. So, Let's Start.


A disclaimer though! Making money online is not a race. It is a lifestyle with no finishing line. You have to be persistent and consistent in your approach and you will see the results. If you give up too soon, you are only making sure that you prove yourself right again that making money online does not work. In fact, making money online works and it can be addictive!

I will walk you through 3 ways where you can surely start earning within a couple of days. In this page, the focus is on Freelance Writing.

The first in the series of "The Most Successful Ways to Make Money" is about Affiliate Marketing. Click Here to Read More about Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Now!

I am still working on the third one and will update link as soon as I am done.

What is Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is a wide window of opportunity. Look around and pay attention to the amount of content you find online. Who do you think wrote all those? Mostly, the contents are written by freelance writers. Freelance Writing is fun and very fulfilling. You can choose what you want to write, who you want to write for and how much you want to write.

In all, Freelance Writing easily qualifies as the best home based business that can bring in lucrative income. The trick is to master more than one area of interest. This is because diversification will help your land more jobs and have a varied and interesting client base.

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Steps to Freelance Writing Success

Step 1 : Build a Portfolio

Just like any other business, you have to build your business. Just by writing one or two articles, you will not be making any money. As a start, start writing about topics you are already familiar with. Write about 50 to 100 pieces of 400 word articles to build your portfolio. Choose from a variety of topics and discuss issues at different angles. If you have a skill or interest in something that is rare, you can write multiple articles focusing on different aspects. Do not let the numbers scare you. When you start writing about something that you are passionate about, you will reach the numbers in no time.

While you are at it, ensure that you pay attention to the intricate details such as spelling, grammar and length of sentences. You want to provide quality in your article portfolio so that your client will have confidence in hiring you for their freelance writings.

Find out how helps to build your online portfolio

Step 2: Find the Clients

Finding clients is not hard. There are various platforms online and offline that you can approach a potential client. If you like to write magazine stuff, you can get their email address from the magazine website or the magazine itself. Just write in with some samples and ask them to allow you to write for the magazine.

Do not expect to be roped in as soon as you send the email. You will have to be persistent and consistent in your approach. Do not take a negative response as disheartening. Find other editors and keep up your pursuit. Chances are that if your work is what they are looking for, they will get in touch with you.

You can also go to sites such as oDesk and where the clients are already waiting with their requirements. You just need to find the ones you are willing to work for and submit your bid along with your samples. You have better chances of getting hired this way for a start.

You can also start your own blogs. Creating a separate blog for all your different interests and posting relevant contents will help to create a following for your blog. You can advertise your willingness to write on a freelance basis and encourage interested parties to contact you for rates. Read more about the benefits of blogging for freelance writers for more information.

Step 3: Set Your Rates Right

Depending on the article content, the research required and your client budget, you need to strike a balance on your rate. This comes with practice and you will never know if the price is right for the work you are delivering. Initially you will have to start with the pay that comes your way,

As your client base improves and your writing portfolio builds up, you will be in a better position to charge a rate that is higher compared to the starting pay. Check if your freelance rate are high here.

Step 4 : Manage Your Time Well

Managing time is one of the biggest hurdle a freelance writer has to overcome on a daily basis. It is very much easy to get distracted especially if you are online and researching your topics. One link can lead to another and soon enough you would realize that you have done so much surfing and hardly any research or writing.

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Freelance Writing Market is huge and there is a lot of space for one more of you. If you are willing and able to research, write and build relationships with your clients, you will be on your way to making freelance writing an excellent career choice. Imagine the freedom you will have once you start being your own boss, deciding on the amount of work and hours of work while spending quality time with your friends and family! If you decide to take up this challenge and be your own boss, do yourself a favor; Do not give up till you start living the life of your dreams!

You can read more about freelancing issues and how to get started at Freelance Writing Resources

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