My war economy put into effect

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Survival tips for anyone living on low incomes, but still wishing to enjoy life.

My war economy put into effect

When one´s on the dole and the unemployment benefits have run out, meaning that they´re finished, expired, it is time to organize what I call a war economy.
1. Cinema, theatre or concerts are out of the question unless they´re free or almost, although, free entertainment was never meant to be good quality. However, if one´s lucky to keep its Internet connection, one can consider itself a lucky guy, broadcasting oneself, emailing or writing columns non-stop. Besides one can read every newspaper on Earth, provided one knows every language on-line.
2. Look at your wardrobe to see if there´s something you should buy. If by any chance, there should be, have periodical visits to second hand shops, because they sometimes have a lot of crap, but they may happen to have some that had been bought in upmarket shops once. Don´t forget the bargain sales, but don´t go mad with them.
3. For food, these broths that go a long way are a good bet. See my articles on them.
4. Well, if cinema, theatre or concert halls have to be out of the question, one needs sort of entertainment and social life. Public libraries are good place to spend a good couple of hours and there´s always a chance to mingle with people. Mine´s full most of the time. They also have cultural activities.
5. One would like to go to a beer bar to have a couple of drinks, but they´re pricey. I´ve found that if I get a couple of beer cans in the Chinese shops at less than two Euro and I go to a square or park, it´s almost the same and there´s always a chance to meet someone for a conversation.
7. Need cleaning products? Water, rags, a sweeping brush or a vacuum cleaner, a bar of soap that can be used for washing-up and washing some clothes by hand and few old newspapers for window cleaning will be enough. No need for fancy cleaning products.
8. Low cost bulbs are a must and keeping an eye on electrical appliances. If there isn´t much food in the fridge, just switch it off for some time.
9. This is a rough one, but one of my uncles who was always saving here and there didn´t let my aunt to buy toilet rolls. What a luxury! He´d cut old newspaper sheets into small pieces and would hang them on a nail.
10. Voluntary work of any kind. Don´t they say that by helping others we help ourselves?
I know that we´d love to be able to do this and that, to buy whatever we fancy or to plan a journey somewhere, but when our income has gone or almost, it´s time to cut down on expenses and to stick to the basics and if by sticking to the basics seriously, it could happen that we could treat ourselves to somethings of our fancy any day.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Dec 2013 (#)

I move with people who are like me - not luxury minded and find joy in simple pleasures of life. And also focus on need based activities, never greed based - siva

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author avatar vickylass
1st Dec 2013 (#)

You´re dead right, Siva!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
7th Dec 2013 (#)

Interesting posts, cheers!

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