Neobux is no scam its worth doing.

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This page is about Neobux the Paid To Click website, I have read a article recently saying that this site is a scam. So this made me want to right this article, and this page also has a little trick which will help you earn more with this site.

Wrong information

I read a article online recently which was saying how the PTC site Neobux is a scam, the article written by a person who will not be named, in my opinion was a load of rubbish, and this kind of misleading information should not be allowed on the internet. I mean if you are going to write a article, slagging off a website, then you should always make sure your giving out the correct information. I have been hearing a lot recently that the paid to write website Bubblews is now in the top 1000 websites online, which is a very good achievement, yet there are also many people who claim this to be a scam also.

Well Neobux is not only a website that is in the top 1000 websites, in fact it is now in the top 100, so how anybody can claim this site to be a scam is beyond me. Neobux has been a paying website online now for years, I myself have earned over there, and I want to make the point clear, that Neobux is no scam, it is legit and reliable to use.

Do I use Neobux?

Do I use Neobux? the answer to this question, is quite honestly no I do not, but this is because the website did not suit me, not because it is not a site worth doing. I will admit just signing into your account and clicking on some ads, is not going to make you much money, neither is buying referrals, these are two mistakes people make when using this site. Clicking in the ads is still worth doing, it may make you a extra 3 cents a day, but buying referrals is a big waste of time. If you buy referrals you are only going to get the spare referrals on the site, and in my experience these are people who do not use the site much, so you are not going to make much money from them. Direct referrals are completely different though, if you have a good online network, then getting direct referrals to sign up to this site is without a doubt, the best way to earn some money with them.

The trick

There is another little trick to earning money with this website, and that is the mini-jobs. All day long there was no mini-jobs on offer for me to do, but I noticed that all the mini jobs used to come in each night at midnight, if I was to not do them and leave it until the morning, there would be no mini jobs left for me to do, as others had completed the jobs through out the night. But if I did them each night at midnight for forty five minutes then my money would go up faster than any other PTC site I have ever used. I mean, I made about 15 pounds in two and half a weeks doing this which is really great money for a site of this type. The reason I stopped was because staying up until midnight each night did not fit into my lifestyle, I like to settle down at nights as I am up early with my kids each day. So now you know the trick, for people living in the UK like me, log in at midnight, if the mini jobs are not there straight away do not worry, they will be there shortly. And for anybody outside the UK, whatever time it is in your country, when it is midnight in the UK, then that is the time you should be logging in to do the mini-jobs.


So overall Neobux is a great place to earn money, it is one of the longest surviving Paid to Click services online, reliable, and it is in the top 100 websites, so in my opinion, worth giving a go.

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16th Nov 2013 (#)

Very interesting info.

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1st Dec 2013 (#)

I confirm is legitimate plus click sense.

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20th Nov 2015 (#)

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