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Money is energy, it is neutral energy. It is not good or bad, it depends on the way we use the energy.

Beyond "sweat of the brow" earning.

In this section, we will deal with attitudes about money. Because ultimately good or bad energy as with good or bad money comes down to the attitude it is gotten and used with as a whole.

Reality is that neutrality is best when dealing with money, extreme fear or overconfident courage are the worst things to have when dealing with the energy of money. Not only for obvious reasons, but for reasons that are not so obvious also: Think about this, hoarding, overworking and overly free spending are forms of extreme fear and being too tight, being too lazy, and thinking it will "last forever" are forms of overconfident courage. Now that we have an idea of what the wrong attitudes are, let me give a hint about what the right attitude is: We must be neutral and objectively honest with ourselves about what money is and what it can and cannot do. Make no mistake, this sort of honesty with ourselves is a choice not to be overly fearful and not to have overconfident courage, but to live with sensibility combined with total accountability that works genuinely.

So, beyond "sweat of the brow earning", there are attitudes and realities of money that can be solved through understanding simply being objectively and realistically accountable.

The end of struggle when it comes to financial matters.

When you decide to work steadily instead of fear steadily and procrastinate, that is when struggle will genuinely end. I know how that sounds, but that is the reality of all situations when all is said and done. Also, working steadily, not so much hard or easy is the key to all movement when it comes to matters of existence, life and everything. Without that key, you have to break down the door with fear, force and stealing and that obviously is not a workable plan. What works is patience, understanding and tolerance of reality to an end. What I mean by the statement "to an end" is this: All journeys to a destination start by moving in the direction of the destination whether it is one step toward it or a jump straight to that destination. This is the real secret to ending the struggle when it comes to any matters really, not just financial matters. Travel steadily and make it work genuinely through patience, work, understanding and tolerance.

Money is an effect, not a cause. The cause is thought and action at all levels.

How we act, and how we are is more important that what we have. It is ever so much more important in every way.

For example, we can be a failure at a lot of things, but if we have the right perspective about success that one success amid many failures can take us over the top. That is because, reality is mostly attempting and "working on it" until we finally know how to succeed and repeat at succeeding through experience and making it normal for us to succeed after understanding fully about failure and using that knowledge to do the opposite consistently and generate success.

Success generation lay in understanding failure. As a good fighter understands how to fall and take blows in the best, most maximizing way so that they can continue fighting without being too hurt to fight. For example, even in Karate and martial arts, the first thing you learn is how to fall, the last thing you learn is how to punch and kick hard.

I am not saying that failure is desirable at all. But I am saying that the greatest of success comes from fully understanding the worst of failure, going through it, then persisting to reverse it.

So, what does this have to do with money being an effect? The cause of wealth is consciousness of wealth, the money and actual physical wealth are effects. The cause of poverty is the same only reversed, it is consciousness. Without consciousness, nothing is possible, wealth or poverty. Without consciousness, nothing happens. Without persistence and understanding combined with consicousness, genuine productive wealth definitely does not happen. So, thought and action with understanding is conscious cause, and wealth is the effect of that conscious cause.

Think well, be well, act well, now.

In life, everything is up and down, there is not any consistent perfection except for the concepts we have in concert with our proper actions. In short, we must think well, be well and act well. For as mentioned in the previous section, how we are is more important than what we have or even do. Also, what we are is what we earn in honesty and values as what we do.

So, that brings me to another point. Work may not be my favorite thing, but when you have to do it, you must find ways to make it more enjoyable as a whole. For, creativity makes anything easier to earn when practiced correctly. Correctly, as in making the best out of anything like making lemons into lemonade.

Because of that factor, I am able to efficiently produce and work when I do work. Also, doing things in the now to the best of your ability means doing what is needed and wanted done now, to the best of your ability, not in the past and not later, but now. My Dad used to be a real advocate of honesty and efficiency of that sort when it came to doing work and doing it right. What can I say, when it comes to efficient production and honest being and doing, he trained me well. Take good care of what is in the now when it exists now and all else will ultimately be "perfect".

I ended with the word "perfect" in quotes, because perfection is a mind created concept like the sun moving around the earth instead of the Copernican reality of the earth moving around the sun. Perfection is actually what you do right now and not later. It is thinking well, being well, and taking action well in the now to the best of your ability. For, the best values in life come from doing right in the now, instead of looking at later or lamenting the past.

Do now what you can do to the best of your ability, do not consider the past or the concrete future, just act well now, and all else will genuinely be added through everything you do well genuinely.

The Power of The Crisis

Before you read this section, note the tense of the title of this section: "The Power of The Crisis". The thing is, the greatest evolutionary neccessities fulfilled came from the worst crises, so does thinking the best, being the best and doing the best.

The best creation comes from genuine evolution as ideas come from thoughts that seem to come out of space. It may seem impossible, but it is the reality of everything. Creative thought that works, is doing what needs to be done. Indeed, the power of the crisis is the most powerful thing in existence when it comes to advancement. Because if we do not advance during "peace time", a crisis will force every hand to advance.

We can rise above or sink below a crisis or many types of crisis. We always have a choice. Without that choice, there is not any reason to advance, lethargy sets in. To not be lethargic, we must create a reason to live or have a reason to live through a crisis point. Immolation or destruction happens when evolution does not happen. That may seem like a coldly calculated fact, but it is a reality. Anything that devolves or dies, does nothing in a crisis. While the thing that advances and evolves ends up powerful or added to. What do you think that old saying "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer" really means? It means advance or else!

Expression of a higher potential and actuality is a reality only to those who "get richer", those who "get poorer" die off. It may seem like a sick, coldly calculated fact like I said, but it is just the realistic and honest truth. It may sound Darwinian in that "do or die" way. But is that not the real and honest truth? I know you were expecting a "sticky", "sweet" motivational section full of homilies and dishonest encouragement. Indeed, this is real advice and that is all I have to give.


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