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When trading in Forex, you should know how to properly disperse the capital; how to calculate the amount of funds required for a negotiation in order to obtain sufficient gains and losses have, how not to lose your entire deposit.

The History of Forex

This article explains the history of the forex market, from the barter, to the introduction of coins and precious metals such as exchange element, until the introduction of paper money as legal tender exchange. It also covers the gold standard and the Bretton Woods Conference.

What are the Forex charts?

This article deals with the Forex charts, one of the basic principles of this market, in addition to learning about foreign exchange transactions. He describes the three types of charts in the forex market and explains how they are used. With graphics and scientific texts, you will learn the attributes of each chart type.

What is leverage?

Leverage is a key concept of Forex. This article explains why the operator that uses may be at an advantage or disadvantage because of the high potential risk of leveraged transactions.

Japanese Candlestick
This article deals with the most important and popular tools used in the analysis of currency prices, stocks and commodities in financial markets. The article shows how the candlestick chart incorporates a range of information on the direction of asset prices and the moods of the markets. It also indicates a range of the most common and easily recognizable patterns of candlestick charts.

Forex Basics of Analysis

This article analyzes some transactions and explains how operators can make informed decisions using this form of analysis. It explains how the use of analysis of fundamentals help in the study of the effects caused by the political and economic news, both domestic and international, in asset prices.
Bollinger Analysis

Developed in the 1980s by a renowned financial analyst named John Bollinger, this article describes how the use of Bollinger analysis can help in monitoring the price volatility.

What are Pips?

Pips are basic units of quotations. This article explains what they represent, what their value and how profits are calculated through them.

Major currency pairs

The foreign exchange market facilitates peer trading of currencies between market participants, whether multinational corporations, institutional investors or small investors like you. This article discusses the most traded pairs of currencies and the basket of currencies that make up the dollar index.

Risk management for operators

This article discusses an often overlooked but vital aspect of transactions: risk management. The article describes the various ways in which an operator can manage its risks and change the nature of mere bet of transactions in the market for a conscious speculation. This therefore means that the operator can control your business.

Commodities and Indices

This article explains that commodities are traded on regulated exchanges, indicates which are the main commodities and how to invest in them. It also explains the contents and how they can be traded.

Stock trade

This article describes the various existing stock exchanges around the world, explains what they are and how they work. It also explains how stock prices are determined and what you need to do to start investing in them.
Elliot waves

Elliot Waves are one of the tools of complex technical analysis available stop operators. This article explains its use in simple terms.

The sequences of Fibonacci and the golden ratio

This article describes with graphics and text as one of the technical analysis tools more popular among operators can be used to determine support and resistance levels in the candlestick charts for prices.

technical Analysis

This article explains why technical analysis are the most important tools for traders and investors. He explains the difference between the analysis of fundamentals and technical analysis, and how technical analysis address the events and historical price movement patterns to predict future movements of currencies, commodities and equities.

The most common errors

This article discusses the ten most common mistakes that beginners comment and what to do to avoid them.

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