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Anyone can tell you how to clip coupons and how thrilling it is to "save money"....but why?
There MUST be a more compelling reason to become a coupon queen.Frugality rocks only when it has a good end game.

NOT Boring coupon clipping Money Saving Rhetoric

All of us, especially those of us who are moms, have been bombarded with lectures advising us to adopt "money saving" tips like couponing , extreme frugality and a host of other tips and strategies to save coin.

But after a while, all those couponing blogs and "extreme" frugalistas can be a bit much.
Why? Because in my neck of the woods, there has to be an ULTIMATE REASON for why we are being cheapskates. Being a cheapskate just for the sake of being able to call yourself one is well kinda ikky, for lack of a better word.
Who wants to be cheap just to prove they can?

I want to encourage you to find a BIGGER WHY as the reason behind your frugal strategies. For example, I discovered a low cost self directed pension plan that has NO MINIMUM deposits in order get it started. If I want to contribute one dollar, I can do a host of convenient online banking, credit card, cheque etc.
So, if I've had a particularly victorious day in rocking the coupons, then I can take the actual real money that I have saved that shopping day, and I can send it all in the very same day to the pension plan I have set up. No stamps to buy, no envelopes to lick....and I can smile knowing that I have "paid myself first" and am building a nest egg for the future.

And no I'm not going to tell you which pension company I I am not trying to sell you anything. What I am trying to help you with, is to set yourself up with a compelling WHY for your money saving strategy. We all need to have a good end game. There has be a real and literal place to put your hard earned savings. Maybe it's a jar you hide from the kids.....or an account that you set up to finance your next debt free vacation.

I heard of someone who turned her small savings every month into small denominations of silver coins, which she bought as she could afford to. She now, several years later, has quite a stash of silver coins, that she knows is only going to rise in value and can easily be sold for cash in an emergency. Her "shopping for silver" strategy has kept her motivated to keep up the savings, because it's fun and she always has silver shopping trip to look forward to with her spare change. She associates being frugal with being able to buy something pretty. So she's hitting three birds with one stone: saving money with frugality, joy in shopping for something rich and shiny, and the fulfillment of seeing her long term investment grow and increase in value for years to come.

So, sisters, if you're a coupon queen and can bend a nickel ten ways, I applaud you, but now it's time to set those coveted coins to do more work for you, to grant you a reward for all the struggle and clever ways that you have outwitted the cost of living.
Give yourself a trophy to save towards. It will make those hours of sifting through flyers and coupon trains, and price comparing all the more worth it.

Sending you Rich Thoughts.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Mar 2015 (#)

Useful tips, thank you. Saving should become a habit from young and also diversification in investing. If possible, creating many income streams like in stocks, deposits, pension schemes, gold/silver etc - siva

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