One Possible Solution To The American Economic Dilemma

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Practically every American is well aware of the continuing "economic downturn" that this country has been experiencing since 2008 (sooner for some.) This is one humble citizen's suggested solution that could possibly turn this issue around in a positive way.

Current Economics

There is no need to begin this article with addressing the many problems with our economic situation in America. Every person who has been in the position of being a consumer has felt the drastic downsizing of the dollar to a point of near evaporation. Those of us who can remember the "good old days" when the American dollar was at it's strongest point (post World War II era) between 1945 through the late 1960s also remember that period as a time when our economy was booming. There were plenty of jobs in a wide variety of industries for those seeking work. There was an abundance of tangible goods and services available in our society and the "middle class" seemed to be in a stable position.

Then something strange began to happen to our economy in the late 1960s. Since every event that occurs within a country is interconnected with its economy in some way, the effect that the Vietnam War had on Americans was no exception. That war polarized this country during that period and there were many heated discussions concerning right and wrong stances. Without dwelling on this subject I believe that history has proved who was correct.

This was also a period when new words and terms were being added to our vocabulary and ways of describing newly created situations and circumstances. Retrograde, shortages, odd-even gas lines, and Reganomics were a few terms created at that time. Since that time, the American economy has been in a downward spiral for a variety of reasons with the main culprit being greed. Many business and financial mistakes were made and the ripple effect has touched each and every one of us.

What Can Be Done To Reverse This Trend?

There was a time when countries worldwide sought premium American goods and services. I believe that American prominence and ingenuity can be restored with some major "tweaking", a fresh look at the current world situations business wise, and hard work and determination.

One Possible Solution To Ponder

Many American business have shifted their manufacturing and customer service sectors to "off-shore" countries to increase their profits. We all know how this has affected the job market here in America. Might I suggest a compromise at this point?

Since the original businesses were started here, why not return at least 50% of the work that is being farmed out offshore to American soil? The qualified workers are already in place, there could be tax incentives offered, the quality of products would increase, and customer service would greatly improve. Another advantage is that workers would have more dollars to put back into the economy here which would help to restore pride (in a good way) in our democratic society. With a 180° attitude shift in thinking and a few other areas, this could possibly be a balanced, win-win, workable solution for all concerned. The solution described here could be the step necessary to reverse our downward economic spiral.

Profits involve more that financial gain in the long run. This suggestion might be something worth pondering.


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author avatar Rubinstyn
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for the nod Steve.

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author avatar Grumpybear
19th Jul 2013 (#)

If we got the whole world to care we would have good health and an excellent lifestyle...just by caring and doing something about America. For Americans care about the rest of the world thats why they send money to them. Its just the people who don't care how they make a profit that defeats the purpose here. Asking these people only stirs a few to do the right thing. Most just want the bottom line, the profit and they don't care about making a better world. To spread wealth around is not asking for much...just the lives it will save by better standards of living all over the world. I wish for people who love other people enough to get them out of no existence to a world where everyone matters. what a day that would be. No starving children, bad water and good sanitation practices. I wish that for the whole world. what a day that would be. :)

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author avatar Rubinstyn
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Good words from a good heart. We all have to do our part both individually and collectively.

God bless you Grumpybear.

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author avatar Trillionaire
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks, I agree with Grumpybear.

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author avatar Rubinstyn
19th Jul 2013 (#)

Thanks for reading the post and your comment Trillionaire.

God bless.

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