Opinium a paid survey panel for residents of the United Kingdom.

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Opinium is a paid survey panel open to members of the UK. The concept is easy, you sign up for free, take surveys and then get paid, but is it really worth it? Read this article to find out more about Opinium.


Opinium is another survey panel out there, this was is open to only UK residents. At Opinium the concept is easy, you join up for free, verify your email with the site, and start taking surveys for them. This is not one of the better sites out there, it is a real slow one, it took near two years for me to get my first payment from them, and I am still waiting on the next one. It is a former employee of the very popular website YouGov.com, who was behind forming this site. His name is Mark Hodson, and I would say he has designed this site with YouGov in mind.

The site itself look's different to YouGov, but the surveys they send are certainly the same, they have a more political edge than most other surveys out there. Opinium is another free site to earn money with, but you are no way gonna get rich over here, it takes to long as they don't send out enough surveys. The surveys pay well with the site, I often have got 2 pounds for a twenty minute survey, I just wish they would send me more. The rest of the surveys that I take with this site, are around 5 to 10 minutes long and get me 25 to 50 pence each.

One good thing about Opinium, is they insist on you completing your profile when joining the site, and then they use it. Opinium only sends you surveys you can qualify for, in fact I don't remember being screened out of any surveys with there site. Like I said, this is a real slow site to earn with, and I can only expect one to two surveys a month from them. I keep it up, as I take surveys everyday anyway, it doesn't hurt to take a couple extra here each month, the result is 25 pounds in cash. There is no reward system on this paid survey panel, so you don't get points for the surveys you take, but just straight cash instead.

There are reports online, of people saying how this is a good site, no one is saying it's great, but it is another way to earn some cash taking surveys online. When you have earned your 25 pounds, you can then have your earnings given to you, either by cash straight into your bank account, or by cheque. This site is certainly not one of the best around, but if your taking surveys any way, you might as well take two more for Opinium each month, it will get you 25 pounds in the bank, eventually.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

You cannot participate if you're from the States Micheal?

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author avatar micheal
2nd Oct 2014 (#)

Sorry fern, UK only for this site

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author avatar Retired
4th Oct 2014 (#)

I can't check this one out - wrong country, but thanks for sharing this info, Micheal.

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