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You can make good money using Paid to click (PTC) sites but to be successful you need patience and a game plan. Follow these tips to earn more using PTC websites.

Knowledge Is Power

Listed below are some good tips to follow to save you time using PTC sites and eventually earn more cash. There are many scams on the internet and most of them you will encounter using PTC sites. Scams are there to take your hard earned money and after getting scammed several times, you will become easily discouraged and want to quit PTC. So please, take the time now to learn everything you can about PTC so this does not happen to you in the future.

Get Organized

Anyone have over 100 emails waiting in their inbox every day? This can be very overwhelming and sometimes even discourage you from opening your email. Here's a handy tip to help take control of that email mess. Create a folder for each of your PTC websites. Next create filters to have all incoming emails go directly to these folders. Just by taking a few minutes to set up folders, will save you a TON of time instead of sifting through all that spam. One other plus, now you can delete all that spam with just one click.

Time Is Money

The idea of PTC is to make money without spending a lot of time. The best way to make PTC sites worth your time is by only signing up for sites that pay at least 1 cents. Now, here's a tip to save even more time. Open one window on your browser for a PTC site and click on the link. Open another window with a different PTC site and click on a link. When the timer stops running from the first PTC site, close that window and then click another link. You can JUMP back and forth between the two PTC sites but never have more than four windows open at a time because it slows down your computer.

Protect Your Computer

Some PTC sites may have viruses or worse a ton of popups that slow your computer down and cause more serious problems. Virus software can solve most of those issues. Also, if you are going to do PTC, get high speed internet. Yeah it's expensive but it will save you a ton of time and headache trying to read emails using dial up. When you start making money with PTC, it will pay for itself. Guess what else? You don't have to pay for virus software any more. You can get free software on so start protecting your valuable computer.

Install The Toolbar

The amount of ads per day can change for each PTC website. However here is a tip to make sure you get as many ads as possible. Most PTC websites now have toolbars which display when ads are available. First come, first served so hurry. For those programs that don't have toolbars, just keep a browser window open for your best PTC sites. Every 30-50 minutes, hit the refresh button and whola, more ads will appear.


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14th May 2012 (#)

great article.

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14th May 2012 (#)

Thanks so much. More on the way.

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