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Don't waste your valuable time clicking on a scam website with no hope of ever getting paid. Learn how to spot the scam sites before they shut down.

Look at the Signs

Don't know how to spot a scam Paid to Click (PTC) website? Use these tips below as warning signs for possible scams. If a site has maybe one or two of these signs, that's ok especially if the site is new. However, if the site has all of these signs, stop clicking now and cash out while you can still get your money.

How Many Ads

This is the most obvious clue. First how many ads are you getting per day? Less than five? Stop clicking now because you will never make payout with this many ads. A good PTC site should have at least eight to ten ads per day, and this is without premium membership. This is the average but you may get more or less. Think about it - the site makes money by advertising. If they have no ads, they don't get paid AND neither do you.

What Kinds of Ads

Once again, pay attention to the ads. Have you seen these types of ads before? Buy referrals here, sign up for our forum, get paid fast with premium membership, referral contest, etc. Well these ads are to increase membership, they do not earn any money for the site. This is normal for a new site to show these types of ads but watch out if these are the only ads still showing after the site has been open for several months. What good are members who are not getting paid?

Missing Admin

This is a very important clue to spot a scam PTC site. How do you know when the admin is missing? Check the site's forum, starting with news and announcements. This part of the forum is where the admins communicate with members about what's going on with the site. Is your admin checking in on a daily basis? What about weekly? These are good signs that the admin cares about the site and its members. Believe me, when the admin goes missing, you will know immediately. How? By all the tons of screaming members posting their complaints in the forum. Chances are, the admin took the money and ran.

Confusing Terms of Service (TOS)

Before you join a PTC site, check the Terms of Service (TOS). The fun and exciting facts listed on the banner seem to always change based on what's happening in the PTC world but the TOS will remain the same. If the TOS keep changing, stay away from that site. The TOS should be clear and state simple facts, no vague language. Terms like "normal business day, admin deems appropriate" don't make any sense. What exactly is a normal business day? Use common sense when reading TOS. If something sounds too good to be true, then please use caution.

No Forum

All good PTC sites now have a forum where members can discuss what they like and don't like about the site. Some forums even let you advertise banners and discuss other PTC sites. A forum is a great way to get a feel for a PTC site especially how often members are getting paid. Think about it, no admin wants its members bad mouthing them in the forum so other new members can see. Think of the forum as another form of educating yourself about PTC. Members are more than happy to share their experience and tips about PTC in the forum.


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