Paid to click or PTC websites are the only reliable online making method in 2015

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How paid to click(PTC) websites have become the most reliable way to make money online without investment

The most reliable way to make money online in 2015

Increasingly paid to click or PTC websites are the only reliable way of making money online. It has become very difficult to make money from advertising on a blog or website as the advertising rate has decreased significantly. Getting free visitors to a website using search engines has become very difficult, as increasingly Google are manipulated to favor politically or socially influential people. For ranking in Google, the quality of content does not matter at least in India

While there some websites like Bubblews which promised to pay members for contributing, members are slowly realizing that after some time, most of these websites will not pay. Initially these websites need members to provide content, and after they have sufficient content, they can conveniently not pay members. Since the amount which has to be paid will be usually low, $25 or less, few members are likely to take against these revenue share websites for not paying them.

Though they were looked down upon a few years ago, increasingly PTC or paid to click websites are becoming the most reliable websites on the internet as most of them have honest admins or webmasters, who take pride in paying members as promised. The revenue for watching ads on these websites for a few minutes, will often be better than the advertising revenue from a website with thousands of visitors, and hundreds of pages of original content, which have been created spending a lot of time and money.

The paid to click or PTC websites have a sustainable business model, as they help their members discover small businesses and new websites. These websites would usually find advertising using conventional methods like Google Adwords expensive as each click will cost $0.05 while they some PTC websites offer 100 visitors for $0.05. The chances of limited funds getting wasted due to click fraud for PTC advertising, are also limited, compared to PPC advertising due to the lower cost and anti cheating measures.

The admin of the PTC websites need a large number of different visitors so that they can get more advertisers, hence they are usually honest while paying their members. However visiting a website daily to click the ads can be a boring task, so it is advisable to compile a list of reliable PTC websites. Many of the PTC websites have a high minimum payout of $2, which will take a month to reach. Hence it is advisable to start with PTC websites with a low minium payout of $0.05 or less initially which members can reach in a few days.

So a beginner interested in making money online, instead of getting frustrated trying to make money blogging, should become a member of low minimum PTC websites, they will paid within a week. Do you use PTC websites? If yes, which is your favorite PTC website?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for this information - it should help some to make some extra cash - siva

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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

I signed up to PTC but I am still confused how it really works.

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