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PanelOpinion, another paid survey website on the internet, which you can earn money with. If you thinking of earning with paid surveys online, read this review and find out if this site is for you.

Earning with Surveys

I have been writing a lot recently about all the paid survey websites which I have used and made money with in the past. Some of these sites are obviously much better than other's, but the truth is if you really want to earn yourself some good cash out of doing surveys, then you will have to sign up to a lot of paid survey sites, the good one's and the not so good one's. It is not a easy task to earn from then, but it can be done, and by signing up to many of these sites, and completing surveys for a few hour's everyday, then you can actually make hundred's of pounds each and every month. In order to achieve this kind of money, I would say that it is necessary, to be signed up to at least thirty survey panel's, and spend at least two hour's a day filling out online surveys.


Today I am going to talk about another paid survey panel which I have earned money with in the past, PanelOpinion. It is not my intention to make any sites sound better than they are, or to get you to become my referral, instead I am simply going to write honest reviews, about my time spent on survey sites, as to help people make a informed decision on whether or not they should use them.
I will say straight off that PanelOpinion is certainly not one of the best paid survey websites around, but it is not one of the worst either. It is a site for the dedicated survey taker's, looking to earn good money from a number of paying survey websites.

This site is open for a lot of different European countries like the UK, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Greece, Italy, Denmark, France, Estonia, Serbia, Spain the Netherlands and more. Another fantastic thing about this site is the low redemption amount, and good redemption option's. You only have to earn just ten pound's, and you will eligible to cash out your cash, which is much better than the 100 pound and 50 pound redemption level's as a lot of other survey sites. They give you the option to either have your money sent to you by cheque, or put straight into your bank account, or if that does not suit you, you can have it put straight into your Paypal account.


The downside to the site is that they do not send you as many surveys as some other survey panels online, so this is not one of the quicker earning survey sites, but it is consistent and legit, and another way to earn some cash online.
The surveys are relatively short compared to some other survey sites, and are usually enjoyable and easy to do. So for anybody looking to sign up to a number of different survey sites, PanelOpinion in my opinion is certainly worth signing up for, so sign up for free and start earning today.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
4th Apr 2014 (#)

You gave me a good tip recently on a survey site, I am very thankful!

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author avatar Tanzila
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

It was a good review and I loved when you explained everything. I want to cash out more quickly as well. Especially by cheque because I don't have a bank account.

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author avatar micheal
15th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks for the comments

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