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This page is a honest review of, which is a website online which will pay you to take surveys. There are thousand's of these paid survey websites now available on the internet and some are better than other's. Read on to find out how good is, and whether it will be worth doing for you. review

It is true that paid surveys are not the way forward for people who are hoping to become rich by online work. Yet for people who have no technical internet skill's, paid surveys can be a perfect way to earn some needed cash. Anybody can give it a go, and earn real money by simply answering question's. Surveys can be on different subject's and topic's, and only require your honest opinion about product's such as food, drink's, services and advertising. Like I said this is certainly not a way to get rich quick, but if you spend a couple hour's each day taking surveys for different market research websites, then you can walk away with hundred's of pound's each month. is one of these websites available online that will pay you to take surveys on the internet. It is run by a UK market research company from Northumberland, which is called Dipstick research LTD. Although this company has a bit of a silly name, this is a reputable site which will pay it's user's in exchange for there time and opinion's.
This is a UK site so they do pay in British pound's, and will pay you straight into your bank account, but they also offer payment in voucher's if you prefer.

Admittedly they do not send as many surveys out as most of the other sites that I have used, and you can expect three to four surveys a month from them. A good thing about is that they have a relatively low redeem limit, and once you have earned £10, you can have this placed into you bank account. One thing about this site that I have noticed is that sometimes they do not actually send your surveys to your email, so it is important to sign in to the site regularly, to see if you have surveys sat there waiting for you to do. I have noticed that there are a few bad reviews written online about this site, but some in depth research will reveal that this is a 100% safe and legit website to use. The bad reviews are probably down to the fact that they do not send that many surveys out to there user's each month.

I do not think that this site is for the survey taker looking to make a quick buck for minimum effort, instead it is more for the dedicated survey taker looking to make a lot of money from a number of different sites. will give you £3 for simply signing up which is great. They also offer surveys which can earn you prizes from a prize draw's, as well as surveys for straight up cash. Another great thing about this site is that they will pay you 20 pence for every person you get to sign up for the site, so this could be very profitable for people with lot's of friend's. It is a great modern looking site, and very easy to navigate around, and I would say a professionally put together website. The surveys on are short and sweet, but still pay well, so they are well worth doing.

Summary claim to operate with the highest standard's and in the limit's required by the law. In my opinion this is a good site for dedicated survey taker's, but it may not be worth it for everybody. This is my honest opinion on this site as I have found it, but the only way to truly figure out a site is to sign up and get stuck in yourself.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
26th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar Funom Makama
26th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks for the wonderful share... With the so many paying survey sites, I wonder which one is really authentic and really pays a little above the peanut these sites pay. But your explanation makes this seem as it it is quite a different one from the ones I (or most of us) seem to know. Thanks for the share

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author avatar micheal
27th Mar 2014 (#)

your welcome Makama

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