Patience Investing and Long-Term Thinking and Action

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The person that is wise enough, strong enough and patient enough to do the right thing, at least almost or all the way unswervingly is really great. Without those qualities though, permanent loss is imminent. Time and patience investments that are successful are what this article is really about.

A good investment starts with a good, beneficial thought for all, including yourself.

Greed is not good. Considering the real nature of investment, patient thinking that works to benefit all without greed or malice toward any including yourself is the best way to go. So, when I say in the opening line that "greed is not good". I also mean, forego immediate benefit to get permanent benefit from rational actions that may take "longer" to benefit from. Genuine profit comes from patient development, not "quick steals" however you look at it, though.

Realistically, bad investments are get "rich quick schemes", all of them, there are no exceptions when anyone really thinks about them. The ultimate loss is when you make one of these rash moves without at all thinking about what is being done.


I prefer getting profits over listening to prophets.

Usually, prediction is part of the ultimate loss and muckracking foolishness. When the profits are in your reality that is when you know you have taken a good action. In fact, that kind of need for the burden of proof, is the best way to approach solutions and problems. But do not get me wrong, it is also when you have to be the most careful and most realistic.

I know a thought.

Winning comes from creative thoughts and actions that are patient, "insufferable" and universally logical, even if immediate benefit does not happen and ultimate benefit does. Realistically, all good investments are insufferably realistic, and if benefit cannot be seen at this level, you may as well gamble, depend on chance and lose. Depend on doing things with attention to detail and realistic benefit for all. This is where it is at. When loss is temporary and leads to ultimate winning. It is experience and it is good and very good, and when it does lead to genuine permanent success, it is excellent.

But, the real dream world is loss, as light is not an absence of darkness, the principle of light is light. Every genuine gain is counted this way: When you win, it is remembered by all including yourself. When you lose, it is not a principle; winning is the principle, by the fact that winning comes down to simply doing it right for all time from the thinking stage on to the end through understanding how, why and all.


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