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Before starting any paid survey website, or in fact any paying website, then you should always get a trusted opinion, on any site you are thinking to use. So read this page and get a honest review, of the Pinecone research panel, and find out if this is a site, you can really earn some money with.

Pinecone research

When it comes to earning money online, by taking market research surveys, there are some sites which are much better than others. When I say better, I mean the higher the earning potential is, and you can earn well with some of the these sites. I have found the Lightspeed research panel, who own a few different paid survey panel's around the world, to be reliable and high paying.

Another big company who own many paid survey panels is The Neilsen Company, they have a massive reputation in the market research feild's, and produce reliable and legit sites. One of the sites, that comes under the The Neilsen Group, is Pincone research panel, out of the many paid survey panel's I have used, I would say, the Pincone panel is in the top five, of my best paying paid survey sites, so it is is site well worth doing if you get the chance. Unlike most other paid survey panels out there which are just free, and open to join at anytime, Pincone research is a little different. This site is not available to join all year around, instead you have to keep an eye out, for there sign up link, which is placed on there website homepage from time to time. It is certainly worth looking out for though, as Pincone research is a place you can actually earn some good money.

Getting paid

Pincone have no restrictions on there redeeming, so unlike most other sites out there, you can redeem your cash after each survey you take, I would say let it store up a little though, and make the transaction worth doing. This site offers you two form's of payment for the surveys you take, they offer you a cheque, or your earnings placed into your Paypal account. The surveys that I take for this site, are usually always interesting and easy to do, but also they pay well, I have been paid £4 for a forty five minute survey once with this site, that's a good pay rate with paid surveys.


So this site as far as I can tell, has only one negative, and that is that Pincone survey panel is so hard to join, but once you do manage it, it can be a great place to get paid taking surveys. They send the surveys they have for straight to your email address, so it is a simple case of opening up the email, and taking the survey. This site is completely legit, and perfectly reliable, this is one site you can trust, so keep checking there website, and see if you can join. I have now been paid numerous times with this website, and it is with out a doubt, one of my highest paying websites.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for the tip

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author avatar M G Singh
15th May 2014 (#)

Very nice post. Hope its as good as you say it is

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author avatar Rayburn
1st Aug 2014 (#)

Pinecone is a great company. To help survey takers succeed, there is a video that they should watch. Video shows you how to fill out Paid Surveys "The Right Way" and reduce your chances of getting disqualified.

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
11th Sep 2014 (#)

Pincone is a very good and great company. Thanks for its tip.Awaiting for survey topic to respond soon.

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