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Today there are many people who are trying to make a decent profit by stock market. Profits by trading in stock market is not at all easy, though there are some disciplined traders who are able to get very good profits here by trading as per plans without being much greedy. One can definitely take decent profits by trading in stock market trading if he has enough patience and also determination to trade with all kinds of volatility.

Art of Earning Profits

Profits by Trading in Stock Market is an art which is mastered by only a few investors or traders around the world. Stock market is a gamble if you think like that and also stock market is an ATM if you believe in it ! there are many people who have got into trading these days after online trading has been introduced as one can trade at the comfort of the home without having to call the broker every time for stock execution. It is really a booming market now with so much money flow with more and more youngsters getting into trading these day's. Though it is exciting , it is also dangerous to play without proper knowledge and also control for trading as chances of losing here will be more. People should realize these factors at the earliest as it will be a major boost for them later on.

Youngsters Play With Lot of Risk

Many youngsters who are new to this are just playing it with excitement as they just trade with impatience and also with others recommendation without even having much knowledge of trading which is pretty dangerous. These people will not even listen to seniors who are already into trading. But once these new entries gets hit hard, the whole lot of excitement and the passion towards trading will be gone at once and may be forever as it depends on individual on how they take it. Some of them accept defeat at the beginning itself and quit at first huge loss, while others start all over again in a urge to recover all the losses occurred and this really requires great mental strength. This really depends on each individual on how they go about it. Approach is very important to survive in this market as stock market is definitely not everybody's game for sure

Learn the Basics of Trading

Before getting into trading, it is very much advisable to understand the basics of trading as it is very essential. Then once you plan to start trading, it would be better to do paper trading for some more time to get accustomed to trading ways and methods. Though these are all just practice methods, real trading will definitely test your patience, greediness etc. Many times you might hit the profit, but greediness might make you wait longer for more profit and at the end you may end up losing not only what you gained, but much more than that. This is the time you have to be careful. Loss will come for anybody here, but whenever loss comes, see that it is minimum and move on with full confidence again. Be ready at accept losses in the beginning of trades which is good for you as you tend to learn a lot from your losses and profits do come for those who dare.


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author avatar Retired
13th Feb 2015 (#)

One must be in it to play and play profitably. Volatility of the current times offers opportunity, but in the end, playing the market is sophisticated gambling with lots of experience combined with up-to-the-minute information.

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author avatar sarosh
14th Feb 2015 (#)

Without experience it may be gambling, but there are many people who are experienced enough are minting money.Thanks for the comments

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author avatar dasari100
10th Dec 2016 (#)

I believe trader not only adopt knowledge and skills but also need to apply common sense while trading and keeping stop losses and following charts are very important, most of the people fail to understand direction of the market whether up or down.

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