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If you and your family live in Illinois, you may be eligible for public aid Illinois Medicaid and other programs. Your eligibility will depend on income, and whether you have children if applying for family benefits or for yourself.

Medical Programs

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (DHFS), includes two major divisions - Medical Programs and Child Support Services, is responsible for providing healthcare coverage for adults and children who qualify for Medicaid, and for providing Child Support Services to help ensure that Illinois children receive financial support from both parents. You could just as easily go online and visit DHFS to determine the type of dental coverage you and your family have.

Other DHFS Medical Programs include various healthcare programs that can lead to healthier and improved lives by providing adequate access to healthcare coverage at almost little to no cost. Some programs include Medicaid, All Kids, FamilyCare, Moms & Babies or DHFS Medical Benefits. To be eligible for these programs, adults must be Illinois residents and U.S. citizens or qualified immigrants. Children are eligible regardless of immigration status. Everyone who applies must meet income and asset requirements, that vary by group.

DHFS Health Plans

There are five separate plans within the All Kids and FamilyCare programs. For all plans, all adults must currently reside in Illinois and be U.S. citizens or legal permanent immigrants in the country for a minimum of five years. To be eligible, an adult must be either a the parent or legal guardian or relative with a child under 18 years of age living in their home or be pregnant.

Information is provided regarding the All Kids Program eligibility, income guidelines, and cost sharing. There are All Kids Application Agents (AKAAs) who provide assistance to families when applying. These plans include:

- FamilyCare and All Kids Assist: this plan provides a full range of health benefits to children up to age 18 and their parents, legal guardians, and relatives. Eligibility requires that the children must live with their families and have an income within 147 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). The FamilyCare Assist parents will have a co-payment per medical service or prescription received; however, the children do not have co-payments or premiums under the All Kids Assist.

- All Kids Share: for eligible children, this plan provides a full range of health. To be considered for eligibility, children must have a family income over 147 percent and at or below 157 percent of the FPL. There will be co-payments for each medical service and prescription, up to $10 per family per year, for children in the All Kids Share program. There are no co-payments for the well-child visits and immunizations. Note: Families who are American Indians or Alaska Natives do not pay premiums or co-payments.

- All Kids Premium Level 1: eligible children are provided with a full range of health benefits and, to become eligible, families must have an income over 157 percent and at or below 209 percent of the FPL. Monthly premiums are based on the number of children covered. The benefits for children require a co-payment for each medical service or prescription received, up to a maximum of $100 per family per year. No co-payments for well-child visits and immunizations are required. Families of American Indians or Alaska Natives do not pay premiums or co-payments.

- All Kids Premium Level 2: eligible children of families with an income above 209 percent and at or below 318 percent of the FPL are afforded full health benefits. Monthly premiums are paid for one child and for two or more children. Co-payments will vary by service.

- Moms and Babies: eligible pregnant women and their babies up to one year of age who are Illinois residents are covered with a full range of health benefits. Eligible pregnant women must have a family income at or below 213 percent of the FPL.

Medical Assistance (Asylum Applicants and Torture Victims): this plan provides up to 24 months coverage for persons not qualified as immigrants but who are applicants for asylum in the U.S. or who are non-citizen victims of torture receiving treatment at a federal funded torture treatment center.

The Illinois Healthcare Reform under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) means that uninsured Illinoisans have new options for health coverage either through the state’s Medicaid program or through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace. As of 2014, these options make it more affordable to get health coverage and meet the federal requirement that all individuals have health coverage. All Illinois residents ages 19 to 64 who are citizens or those who have legal status and who have monthly income less than $1,342 for an individual ($1,809 for a couple) are eligible for Medicaid through the “ACA Adult” category. This means Illinois Medicaid now provides health coverage for low income individuals who are seniors, persons with disabilities, parents/caretakers of dependent children, “ACA adults,” pregnant women and children.

There is another program, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), that has over 8.1 million children enrolled as of 2014 - this program covers eligible children, through Medicaid and separate CHIP programs. Since states have flexibility to design their own program within Federal guidelines, benefits vary by state and by the type of CHIP program. Medicaid Expansion CHIP programs provide the standard Medicaid benefit package, including Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment (EPSDT) services, which includes all medically necessary services like mental health and dental services.

Annual paper medical cards - Under the current DHFS guidelines, all eligible medical program clients will receive their card via the U.S. Mail and will include instructions; The medical card is replaced annually as long as the clients maintain their eligibility and have an annual re-determination to qualify.

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