Quick and Easy ways to make a few dollars each and every day

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People are always looking for ways to earn a few dollars to carry them over from each payday.

Quick and Easy ways to make a few ddollars each day

People are always looking to make a few dollars to carry them over from the living of paycheck to paycheck or just to have as free money. Smartphones are almost a necessity for most of us so its likely a lot of people have phones they can download apps on to make a few dollars with. What makes it even more worthwhile, it involves doing what you already do, go to the grocery store.

Going to the grocery store isn't exactly all that fun considering they tend to take all our money with their rising costs. How about make that trip to the store more profitable for you and your budget? If you have an extra 30-45 minutes to be in the store, you can easily earn $10-$15 or more. What you need to do is download the PriceSpotting app and the GapNsnap app on your smartphones. Each app is free and very explainatory.

PriceSpotting is just an app where you input grocery prices. You can scan anything and everything in just about any store and get rewarded 20 points per scan. If you scan the bonus items, you get 40 points per item scanned. For every thousand points, you can cash out for $1.00. Now, you are probably thinking that scanning 1000 points will take forever. it really wont. I can promise you that. I easily earn roughly $5 each shopping trip I make. I make the time to do this.

GapNSnap is an app where you clearly take pictures of empty spots on the shelves at any store around you. it doesn't matter what department of the store youre in, if the shelf spot is empty, snap a picture via the app. This is so easy to do and once you actually get started, youd be snapping a ton in no time. You'll be purposely looking for empty spots just so you can take pictures. I am not very fast on this app yet because I just started but its very promising. They changed their program around since I started so now you have to take 5000 snaps of empty spots before you actually get to earning. This is a high number to start with but once you get going, you wont believe it but by the time you leave a store, you probably have 5,000 or more each time. You really have to stay with it to get anywhere.

I thought I would share these two different ways to make a buck or two each time you grocery shop or even go to any store and shop. Earning a buck or two each day to get by really adds up for those of us that need the extra dollars.


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author avatar madugundurukmini
26th Mar 2014 (#)

easy revenue

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author avatar Makhluk
28th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice contents which is helpful for all users who intend to earn few dollars

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author avatar Makhluk
28th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice contents which is helpful for all users who intend to earn few dollars

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
7th May 2014 (#)

Great apps to try. Thanks for the reviews!

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author avatar Paulann
20th Jun 2014 (#)

Another cool app? is Apptrailers. I use it on my Iphone but Im sure its available for other smartphones. You get paid for watching videos, downloading apps and watching movie trailers. You can also post home videos and get paid for people clicking on them.., Its not big money but I like to do it when I wake up in the morning and it makes me about $30-40 a month.. Hey- Ill take what I can get : )

I also love slice the pie.. if your not familiar with them check out my blog.. Thanks!


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author avatar Paulann
6th Sep 2014 (#)

App Trailers, Perk TV, Swagbucks TV and Instant Reward Network are what im using now..

Been doing a LOT of sites that have paid to search like Bing Rewards. Its only $50 a month but still its something Im doing for free anyhow : 0

I got a domain for my site.. its no longer paulsonlinestuff so stop by and visit the new place : )


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author avatar vpaulose
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Useful thank you Cindy.

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