Response Panel, take surveys and get paid, but is it legit

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There are many survey panels out there that will pay you to take surveys, but not all of them are great. Read this article and find out if Response Panel is a decent one or not.

Response Panel

Market research is a good way to make money online, by taking part in paid surveys you can actually earn some cash. I have done them for years, and in my time I have realized that although there are a tone of paid survey panels to join, they are not all the same. I have found a few that are really big earners, and others that are just okay, and some not really worth doing for most people. But for people who are taking a load of surveys each day anyway, you might as well sign up to them all, as you have nothing to loose and only money to gain.

The site I am going to write about today, is Response Panel, I would put this site in the okay category. It is not one of the bigger earners, out of the paid survey panels I have used, but it is still a place that will send you surveys by email, and pay you fairly when you complete them. The company behind this site, is Ltd, and it is based in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom. I have checked up on the company in question, and it is a legit business, so you can rest assured that this site is real and legit.

This is a fairly new site, and has yet to branch out world wide, so you must be from the UK to take part, but it does state on there site that they plan to open sites up in other countries soon. Response Panel is free to join, as it should be, I still can't believe that people actually pay to join certain paid survey panels online, there are just so many free one's around, and often the free ones are much better than the one's you have to pay for. Not only is this site free, they will actually pay you to join, and when you sign up for them you will be given 5 pounds for absolutely nothing, that's a brilliant sign up bonus and a great incentive to join the site.

With a lot of these kind of sites I use, I can usually tell you how many surveys they will send you each week, Response Panel is a little different though, there is no fixed amount. Some weeks they will send me none, then other weeks I will get three or four, so it varies from week to week. You must be at least sixteen to join this site, but that is there only requirement. The redeem threshold is pretty high, at 30 pounds, so it is going to take a while for you to get paid by them, but I use other sites that take longer. When you have earned your £30, you can either redeem your cash into your Paypal account, or request a cheque to be sent to your home address. This site is okay, no false advertising, and a place you can earn, it is certainly another legit paid survey panel to join for dedicated survey takers.

As far as complaints go about Response Panel, there are a few, but they seem to be the same complaints every time. No one is complaining about getting hold of there cash, the site is paying it's members. But the theme seems to be about redeeming, there redeem limit is $30, many people have saved more than £30, lets say £50 before redeeming, they have only received £30, and instead of the extra £20 staying in there accounts, it has been took and disappeared. This has now been wrote about by a number of Response Panel members, so if you do join remember to redeem at £30. Overall it's not a bad site, but by far one of the best, it might be worth a go for dedicated survey takers.

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