Retro Style Kitchen Appliances Are Popular With All Ages!

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This article will discuss retro style kitchen appliance and how they are popular with all ages.

Retro Style Décor Is Becoming Very Popular

Retro style appliances have become very popular with all ages. I too like retro style appliances.

It seems more and more people are purchasing these retro style items according to what I have researched on the internet. Even old people like them because in reminds them of the real thing they had back in the day. If you did have the real thing it would be worth quite a bit of money!

My sister Barbara is very much into collectible items as well as retro style appliances. Believe it or not she has purchased many of her home furniture at garage sales and thrift shops. Her husband is into woodworking and has been doing this since he was a kid. He restores the furniture she buys and they look like brand new! Of course this takes away some of the value because antique items are worth more in their original condition, but my sister does not sell these items so it doesn’t matter.

My brother in law also designs his own furniture. This is his favorite hobby and he makes some items for family members and friends.

I like antique items as well so it’s a given that I like these retro style kitchen items. And basically the prices are pretty reasonable. I had purchased the microwave from Ebay and paid around $100.00 for it. I purchased the blender and toaster from Amazon. All arrived in perfect condition and all are good quality.

There Is No Age Barrier When It Comes To Retro Style Items

I’m middle aged and like retro style as well as the original products that were made back in the day.I am now looking for an original retro refrigerator to buy. I used to own a body shop where I used to live. I have a nearby friend that owns a body shop where I can bring my projects to work on. Even though a restoration will take away the value of the original condition, I am looking for a refrigerator in a condition that has no other option but to be restored. So between me and my friend, we can make one like new and buying one that needs work means that I can buy it at a fair price.

The buying market has changed due to the numerous reality shows on TV. The people watching the shows see how someone can buy an item for fifty dollars and sell it for several hundred dollars. So now sellers think that everything they have is gold. Dam shows! But eventually I’ll find one, maybe on places like Craig’s list. My girlfriend loves red, so I will give the refrigerator a nice high quality paint and paint it candy apply red. In time I’ll eventually find one!

Retro Home Decorating

Many homeowners are now decorating their homes completely in retro design. I went to visit my one friend who I haven't seen in a long time and he and his wife had done this. When I stepped inside I felt as if I had stepped through a time capsule! But I must admit that it looked really cool.

It's a good thing I didn't take my girlfriend with me because she would want our entire home decorated in retro style after seeing my friends home(LOL)!

You can find many great products online including books on retro decorating. Both Amazon and Ebay carry a nice assortment. You can also get many free E-books through Amazon.


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