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This article promotes money saving techniques through using, consuming, buying and needing less.

LESS is Best.

Less is best.

Simple and clear: In order to save money, one must use -less money.
If a person; you, me or any person who is yet to step down on this green earth is considering ways of building a savings or keen to save some cash, the natural inclination is to make more. We've so often been taught and so vehemently encouraged to make more, produce and increase our revenue stream as a way to stack greenbacks. Making more is sometimes necessary but as a way to start from where we are, it can behoove us to focus our attention on spending, using and needing less now.

We are about to enter a new era, one where technology will enable industries a chance to employ robots, to utilize automation in new ways and once again productivity will no doubt, see an inevitable rise. As manufacturing and production geometrically increase so will the push to make and have more. This may lead people to think that the way to live in harmony with the systems that are increasingly gaining in levels of efficiency is to expand our earnings base but what if we merely use less? Will this change the rate at which certain levels of growth occur? It may very well, more importantly though it may decrease our level and style of consumption. Using less will show us how much we've been missing by blindly consuming at the rate that we have been.

If we are to save more, use less and certainly buy less, will we in turn -see and appreciate more?
If this is the case that we will actually appreciate and see more of what is of value then we must ask the question(s):
How do we effectively and easily save more?

Let's start with walking. Walking everywhere we possibly can. Walking longer distances and avoiding driving or cutting down on driving is one way to save for the present and to have more in the future.
When we drive or ride a mode of transportation like a train on a daily basis, is it possible to cut back the distance being traveled on the train so as to spend less on transportation? Cutting down on the feet, meters, kilometers and ultimately miles will speak to the resources that we will be saving by traveling on foot whenever it is possible. If we drive less, we'll use less gas, less oil and we'll have our car in running shape for a longer time.

Control your portions, ingredients and style of food by eating in, this will also save you cash as the travel time and distance will be reduced as well.

Finally, let's finish with a prescriptive suggestion to simply entertain yourself. Stop going to movies, concerts, buying video games or renting media for a little while at least and simply entertain yourself. Write your own poetry, learn to play an instrument, sing to yourself or just meditate on the nature that is surrounding you. This will bring you back to a state of appreciating what is around you, paying attention to the natural treasures of this great green earth, pondering things like watching the birds take flight or perch atop your balcony. It will also provide you with another money making opportunity to save a bit more and spend a bit less.

In the words of Sherlock Holmes, "It's elementary my dear Watson."


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