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Utilities are an unavoidable expense. There are ways to keep the bills under control and save money in the process.


Things with remotes use energy even when they are off; plug these into a power strip and turn it off when you turn them off. Chargers should be unplugged once the items reach a full charge; some chargers have green lights to remind you that they are using electricity.

Pay Attention

While I do not have a water bill at the moment it costs money to heat the water. This means that I have to pay attention to what I am doing when running the dishwater, taking a shower and handwashing my laundry. I rinse the dishes in cold, and attempt to limit my time in the shower. My little girl showers, takes a bath, then showers again to rinse off. I am working on getting her to turn down the water temperature.

Heating and Cooling
I open the windows and set a fan in them when the weather permits. When it is to warm for the fan to do any good I have found that leaving the blinds closed allows me to run only the fan on the unit to keep comfortable.

I am slowly learning to turn the air/heat down or up depending on which one and dress more appropriately to remain comfortable. My little girl is getting better about dressing appropriately and will wrap herself up in a blanket when she gets cold.

The oven is used more when it is extremely cold out to ensure that the heat is kept set at a minimum. The heat left from baking lasts for a few hours to help keep the house warmer. During the summer the oven is avoided, and when it is used it's typically late at night when the weather has cooled off.



Little things like turning off the lights that aren't being used go a long way. I have a maximum of $100 set for my utility budget and I rarely go over it when I am conscious of my actions. My daughter will go around and turn off both lights and the television late at night if no one is using them. She does not believe in waste either.


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Good tips for housewives.

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