Saving Money when You Have a Large Family

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This article discusses my top three tips that save my family money each and every day.

3 Tips that Will Save You Money

Being a mother of three and step mother of four means that we have to stretch every penny we earn. Honestly, this is not a simple task and it has taken a lot of research for me to be able to make ends meet with such a large family. These are some of the simplest tips we use every day to save money.

1. Do not pay for cable or satellite services. This one is usually one of the hardest for people but with so many websites out there where you can download any show you want to watch seasons at a time, there is just no reason to pay for these services any more. We currently own two X-boxes. There is one in the living room and one in our foyer. We download what we want to watch and what the kids want to watch. Then we put those on a flash drive each of which cost about 20 dollars which is less than a month of cable for both of them. We put the flash drive into the X-box and boom free TV. Well almost free. We do pay for internet services but it is a necessity in our home because I work from home online. So we do not count that towards a luxury bill.

2. Use a clothes line in the summer time. This is a huge money saver for us. With such a large family our washer and dryer were going non-stop. We were facing 600 dollar electric bills each month and it seemed as if I was working simply to pay the electric. Then our dryer broke, it would no longer get hot. I went to look at new dryers and simply could not force myself to spend that kind of money so I went and checked out used dryers. Nope not spending that money either. So I went to the store, bought clothes line, and clothes pins I came home and told my husband I wanted him to hang the line which he did. He told me that while I was gone he had talked to some people and it would take about 30 dollars to fix my dryer. Win for me. Now the dryer is fixed but I still hang the clothes out. Why? I do this because my electric bill went from being in the six hundreds to being 116 dollars last month. I think I will pocket that money.

3. The final tip I want to give is to buy automobiles online. With seven kids, my trailblazer just wasn't big enough to get us all anywhere so we were stuck at home all the time. My husband decided it was time to buy a car but I refused to take on a payment. I told him to have his friends look for someone who was selling and I would do the same. I began searching online and I found a Lincoln Town car listed for 900 dollars. It had three windows that wouldn't roll down which is an easy fix since I have a friend who is a mechanic. It had been owned by one person and was beautiful. I had my husband call about the car. The next day he went to check it out and bought it on the spot for 750 dollars. The cars blue book value is $2525. It is clean and runs great. The only warning I have for you is to make sure you really check a car out before you buy it online.

Those are my top three tips for saving money when you have a large family. There are so many other things we do but these are the ones that save us the most money each and every day.


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