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My Saving problems and a few tips that seem to work for me.

My Saving Dilema

I have never been good at saving... Tried to put some away at home, started an Cash Isa and with low income, wanting to go out, buying food and rent etc. it has never been easy to save up. Recently closed my Isa as wasn't suing it.
But things seem to be looking up for me. I got myself a laptop and started to play online.. But with having an O2 dongle for internet it wasn't that most relaible access to any "www" sites!

Finally Capable

With moving in with my Baby Boy, I now have a brand new laptop and can connect to the Wi-Fi and now have a more secure internet connection... Hence feeling more confident with online banking!
I have recently had a look at Santander online banking... The layout isn't too good as it seems really busy, confusing and little frustrating to use...
But Natwest online banking is soo much friendlier to use, less of a busy layout and easy to follow instructions. I Absolutly love using Natwest online banking!! I feel at ease using it and safer than Santander.


Why choose an e-ISA?

Tiered interest rates – the more you save, the more interest you earn

Save up to £5,100 in a tax year – this is the limit for tax year 2010/2011.

No penalties – we won't charge you for withdrawing your money. However, if you decide to make a further deposit, remember that you can only deposit a maximum of £5,100 over the entire tax year.

Monthly tax-free* interest – paid directly into your account

Get the savings habit – we can set up a regular transfer from your other NatWest account

Set up and track your own personal savings goals - through Online Banking

* Interest is paid tax-free which means it is exempt from UK income tax.

Interest rates for customers who open an e-ISA account on or after 15 May 2009
Balance AER Gross Rate Net Rate
£30,000+ 2.50% 2.47% N/A
£10,000 - £29,999 2.25% 2.23% N/A
£0 - £9,999 2.00% 1.98% N/A

Interest paid monthly.
Note: Internet based account only
Last updated on: 4 Sep 2009.


Why choose an e-Savings account?

Flat rate– the interest rate stays the same, no matter how much you save

No penalties– we don't charge you for withdrawing your money

Start saving with £1- and there's no minimum balance

Monthly interest– paid directly into your account

No need for an existing NatWest account– although if you have one, it's quick and easy to move money between e-Savings and your other NatWest accounts

Get the savings habit– we can set up a regular transfer from another NatWest account

Set up and track your own personal savings goals- through Online Banking

Current savings rates
Balance AER Gross Rate Net Rate
£1+ 1.00% 1.00% 0.80%

Note: Internet based account only
Last updated on: 4 Mar 2010.

Helpful Tips On Saving Online

For these online accounts I have set up Savings Goals connected to each of my savings accounts... So I can keep tabs on how I am saving, if I am on target for my goal and let my weekly automatic deposits save for me.
I love the fact that Natwest Online Banking is soo easy to use, Friendly to visit and great way to save online...

I do recommend that if you find it hard to save money, do it online... this way you don't miss the money as been as you never touch it. You can save without needing to make the trip into the bank and gain interest paid to you monthly into your accounts till they are full of money and then it gets transfered into your current account!!!



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author avatar RitaH
19th Jul 2010 (#)

I'm soo proud of this article!!! Never written anything that looked this professional!! LOL Happy Reading!!!

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author avatar CLeBlanc
20th Jul 2010 (#)

This was a really great article. I have problems with saving also and I found that I can save my money through Pay Pal it isnt as hard. Great write!

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author avatar RitaH
20th Jul 2010 (#)

iv tried to use paypal as a savings account but not too keen on having a charge to get my own money put in my account... lol but alot of things have to be done through paypal and if they gave this for free they would be missing out on a heck of alot of cash rolling by!!! But if they did like social sites and get the cash from advertisers thsi would be soo much better for us!! Slow teh pages but FREE!!!! :-D

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