Single Mother Survival: Cutting Corners Without Sacrificing

Laurie Childree By Laurie Childree, 19th Oct 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Trips to the store can easily get out of hand when you take your child with you. There are ways to curb the over spending and even save money on items allowing the income to go farther. I've discovered a few things that make life easier now that income is limited.

Monthly Expenses are First

The monthly expenses are paid and recorded first to ensure an accurate monthly budget. Each amount is rounded up to the next dollar to ensure that there is hidden money in my account for emergencies. This hidden money is savings that is withdrawn for use at a later time when it adds up to a certain amount.

Household Items on a Budget

I've taken to using Savings Star and other cash back saving apps in addition to Walmart's saving catcher app in order to get money back from items that we actually use. Combining them with either paper or digital coupons helps to make the money go farther. (Applies to grocery items as well.)

The cash back goes into PayPal, though there is one that will send out an actual check. The money back is something that I have already spent so it is not in the normal budget anymore. It is set aside for special items.

Early Morning Trips to the Store

I have found that meat is among the most expensive of items we purchase when it comes to groceries. I figured out that Wal-mart reduces meat first thing in the morning and it is of high quality. So I take advantage of it and purchase two to three packs of meat each trip. (My freezer is almost full).

I have also discovered that first thing in the morning is the best time to shop the latest sales ad for each store. The shelves are still being stocked and the items haven't been picked over yet. The lack of a crowd in the store makes it easier to avoid getting sidetracked or stuck behind someone grabbing something simply because it is in reach.

Electrical Bills

These are much easier to control now that it is just the two of us. We turn off lights we are not using; neither of us is able to sleep with a light on, so there are none that burn overnight.

The heat or air conditioning is only used when absolutely needed. We dress for the weather, in the winter more things end up being baked in the oven helping to heat the house. The thermostat is kept at a minimum when these items are used so that it is more comfortable than outside.

The money saved on electricity aids in the household budget and paying down bills that we have accumulated since moving here.


The laundry is $1 to wash and 75 cents to dry. I don't use the dryers in order to save my clothes from the wear and tear. When money is tight I prioritize larger items to the machine and hand wash smaller items like my little girl's clothing for school.

While it takes longer it saves us $10 to $20 a month doing things this way. The months that we run short on money it helps more than you think.


I shop sales, clearance racks and do more work by hand to save money. I have fresh herbs, though dried herbs are not that costly it adds up over time, and every cent helps.

There are debts to pay and a roof to keep over our heads. It is just us so we will be taking every step we can to ensure our survival.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
20th Oct 2015 (#)

Nice post and very true the everyday ordeals a single mom has to go through!

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