Small Changes Add Up to Savings

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Saving money can aid the feeling of financial security. There are several ways to save money, some of which require nothing more than a little bit of time and attention to detail.

Know Your Expenses

Understanding expenses allows you to see where your money is going. This gives you the opportunity to reduce those expenses. When you write them all down you will be able to come up with a total and find areas that you didn't realize where luxuries when you were writing out the check to pay those expenses. Cable may seem like a much needed connection to the outside world but it isn't.

Savings Accounts- The amount required to open a basic savings account is small. Check for hidden fees to make sure you aren't paying the bank to store your money if the balance falls below a certain amount and earn a little bit of interest as you prepare for an emergency.

Change Adds Up- While there is nothing wrong with digging for exact change to prevent breaking a larger bill not digging for change can increase your savings account balance. A piggy bank, or plain or jar can be used to store the loose change in your pocket at the end of the day. Leave the jar alone until it's full and you can roll it out to deposit. You could get a pleasant surprise, I did. I purchased a piggy bank that counts the coins keeping a running total, less than half full it holds over $20 with a variety of coins in it.

I don't know about you but that is a good start to something not even half full in opinion.

Alternatives to Cash

Not the Credit Card Interest rates are high so these are not the alternative of which I would be speaking. I am referring to gift cards; this does not mean go out and purchase them. There are sites such as Swagbucks that allow you to earn point toward various items such as gift cards for things that you do daily anyway. (Amazon gift card balances don't expire.) When people give you gift cards don't frown at them accept them with a smile. They just gave you a way to get what you want/need without having to spend your own money on it. That is always a plus.

Swap it or Borrow it- If you are only going to use it once and store it for a year, don't buy it. Borrow it. You can find someone close to you that has the item you need, so ask them if you can use. Be sure to return it in the condition you received it or the next time they are not likely to let you borrow it.

Do you have something someone needs while they have something that you need? Swap with them. Give them what you have in exchange for what you have. Now you both have what you need. Neither of you spent a dime.

Change isn't always in coin form

Yes, coins are change but they aren't the change I'm referring to. Changing habits is what I am referring to. Little things can make a big difference.

1. Stop eating out and pack a lunch
2. Use cold water for the laundry whenever possible and hang the clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer. When you have only a few items to wash adjust the water levels in the washing machine or hand wash them.
3. Reduce the amount of meat in your diet and increase the fruits and veggies. When you fix your plate fix it with less than you think you will actually eat. This will help to prevent waste.

Taking a look at your habits will allow you to see ways that you can save money by altering the way that you do things. The meals you eat, your laundry and the morning commute can all be changed to save some money.

Once you have reduced those expenses and saved money be sure to put into savings instead of spending it. Spent money is not saved money, so just watch the balance grow and leave it alone.


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author avatar Val Mills
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Good hints here. As my 6 month teaching stint nears its end I am saving furiously for the six months until return in July next year.

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author avatar Denise O
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

Darn good tips how how to save here and there. I also would like to point out...
Saving here and there, sure does add up. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Funom Makama
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

This is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Laurie Childree
23rd Nov 2011 (#)

thanks guys

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