Stocks for potential investment Part 7

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Since my first posts about some potential stocks for investment, I've had some REALLY good success stories. Here is a quick profile of a few stocks that could really rise in the near future.

Investing in Stocks

Since I first started dabbling in the stock market, I have to say that I've found it to be, exhilarting, frustrating and ultimately quite rewarding. It is a nice feeling to have control of your own money rather than trusting it to an investment company that may or may not have your best interests at heart. I like the fact that if I make a mistake I'm the only one who is responsible for it, and along that same train of thought, if I find that I've done well, there is a feeling of satisfaction over how my time spent on research has paid off.

I figure that now that I have been at this for a bit, I should look back at some of my past picks

The Winners

Well, I have to feel good about two of my early picks, Pembina Pipeline (PPL) and Inter Pipeline (IPL.UN). Both of these stocks pay good solid dividends and have appreciated over 20% since I first mentioned them. Another post on Veresen (VSN), another pipeline, appears to be following the same trend of growth and a decent dividend yield as it is currently trading at an all time hight. Trioil (ToL) is another winner. It has gone up about 30% since I mentioned it quite recently. It's volitile but it seems to be trending in the right direction. Another real winner was Daylight Energy (DAY). When I recommended it, it was trading around $7.50, about 2 months ago, it was bought out for a price of $10.08 per share, pending approval early in the new year. Ambev (ABV) is another success story, it caught my interest when it was at $30 dollars/share and is now trading at around $38. Not a bad return. One other recent pick, Canyon Services (FRC) has jumped about 3% since I started looking at it, however, I really do believe that over the next 6 months this one could be a real winner.

The Losers.... so far

Well, what can I say? The stock market is a great tool for teaching you that you're not perfect and I guess I'm not. I've chosen a few dogs and I feel that I should own up to them so here they are.

My biggest disappointment has to be Petrobras (PBR) Its the second largest oil company in the world, has huge deep water oil reserves, has sunken a ton of money into infrastructure, and seems to me to be a can't miss stock for the long term. Unfortunately the short term has not been good. I though that it was a fabulous buy at $34. Today its hovering around $25. It is quite volitile and call me stuborn, but I am standing by my thoughts that it was a good pick then which should make it a great pick today. Another disappointment was/is Nescape (NCE) The company is worldwide leader in ultracapacitors, however this has not translated into good stock pricing. I liked it at $0.40/share and now it is hovering around $0.25. It's a new company on the exchange and I had thoughts that it might take off. So far, despite increasing sales, it hasn't.

My Seventh Selection of Picks

Well, if you've read the above, you have probably deduced that the pipelines have been a good play so far. Today's picks include a pipeline and an oil and gas company. Here they are:

Provident Energy Ltd.

Provident Energy Ltd (PVE) is an pipeline company that has an annual dividend yield of about 5.5% which is payed out monthly. It's lagged a bit behind some of the other companies, but it is very profitable with a low divident payout ratio of about 40%. You get a 5.5% return plus growth potential. Not bad!

Legacy Oil and Gas

Legacy Oil and Gas (LEG) is involved in oil and gas exploration. The stock has not done well recently due to poor weather conditions in the areas where they were drilling. The good news is that the weather has changed, the company has some "slam dunk" wells to drill, and the numbers should improve dramatically. I hope! It seems like a good buy with not a lot of downside except that it doesn't pay a dividend.

Links to Past Articles

I hope that you, the reader, finds this information useful. As with all investing, please don't take my word on this information. Take the time to do the research and make an informed decision before you invest..

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A braver soul than I. Three things I hire somebody else for: plumbing, electrical and investing. That's because all three usually end up costing me more money in the long run when I try to do them myself.

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