Struggling to make ends meet as an actor? Here are some tips on how to survive within a limited budget

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Here are some tips to prove that surviving as an actor on a small budget, in London or any city, is not impossible!

How to survive on a budget for actors

The first thing to say is it's entirely possible to survive on a small budget in London, if pretty daunting. The first thing to think about is rent, many landlords these days charge an arm and a leg for anything half decent to live in on your own, so a sensible solution is to share.

Although finding a nice flatshare can be a bit like looking for a man on the tube who will give up his seat, there are actually some decent ones- and it's entirely possible to set up your own flatshare. In terms of food you just need to know where to shop, and always pay by cash - it's pretty much the golden rule for saving money.

On a tiny budget you can realistically only cover food and travel expenses in london, but in terms of getting acting gear, there are always charity shops. And of course there's primark, cut back on a few lattes a week and you've got yourself a new top.

The thing about budgeting is it's a mental thing, it's nice to have the financial freedom to throw your money at whatever you fancy, but credit cards are a huge no-no. You only have to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic to arm yourself with some savvy debt advice, which will save you defrosting your credit card which you've put in the freezer (note- I have never done this but it's a hilarious scene). So the main point is to spend cash, and only draw out what you need for the week. Then stick to it, you will fall off the wagon occasionally, but quickly get back on - a day on the lowest budget by far outweighs the stress of being in debt.

One more useful point is when organising auditions, if you don't have a weekly or monthly travelcard, try and schedule them for the same day, that way a one day travelcard will cover it - and try and aim for those who will at least offer expenses if you're really scraping by.


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