Subtle actions that make it versus hard work that does not make it

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Recently, I hit a crisis point where I was working too hard, and working on things that didn't count much. I realized about money that fear and worry is for those who borrow interest on trouble. Not only that, but I realized that the only way most economic problems and troubles are solved is through creativity combined with productivity. I hope this is a motivating article for that.

Let's face it, hard work alone does not make wealth.

Sure, you can be a nice hard working person that gets it done. But, the question is: Are you just doing busy work instead of making a genuinely needed and wanted profit? If you are making profit, is what you are doing fulfilling you? I ask those two questions not to poke or "pry", but to say, "step back, think deeply about what you are doing and when you get the real answers, make an attempt to fulfill yourself."

The most powerful concept is productive awareness, not automatic mass production. That is where I am going with this concept. What I mean by productive awareness is the more you genuinely love what you are doing to profit, especially if you are doing it massively, the more genuinely wealthy you will get at all levels. Especially the ones that count, starting with self-fulfillment. Indeed, hard work for the sake of hard work without consciousness and self-fulfillment just to bring home a paycheck is genuinely apathetic and lazy.

I admit, sometimes work is not my favorite subject, and sometimes I do not even like to play. But, the deepest action can come when you are "inactive", if you get my drift. If you do not get it, read on. For sometimes you need to step back, realistically look at things and get a different perspective that will make everything worthwhile.

How to really create faith and have faith in yourself and what you are doing

I know, some of you are saying "wait, what does faith have to do with money making" and I say "everything". I say everything, because if you do not believe in what you are doing or if your heart and consciousness are not in it. It does not matter how much money you are making, you are genuinely poor. You have to be really present to really be rich.

This is the genuine secret to why all the collapses are happening, the consciousness of wealth is genuinely not present on a massive scale. With the consciousness and the presence comes the power. That is the most important reality.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting thought Joshua and well stated!

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author avatar brendamarie
3rd Oct 2015 (#)

Great article Josh. One of my wish for the world i that everyone that everyone can do what the love and make a good living doing it. And, this article helps people understand how to do that.

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