SurveyNetwork, a site which claims they will give you cash for surveys

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This page is a about SurveyNetwork, a site which claims to pay you cash for taking paid surveys. Is this a market research site worth doing? Or a big scam? Read on to find out.


Many people are trying to earn money online these days, it can be a good way to earn yourself some extra cash. One of the main earning opportunities out there now, is market research, people all over the world are taking part by filling in paid surveys online. Just joining up to one site is not going to get you much, but as there is a load of these sites knocking about, you can sign up to them all, which makes earnings pretty good.

As there are so many sites about, it stands to reason that some will be better than others, I have a couple of sites I have earned hundreds with over the years, others a bit less but still a fair bit of cash, then I have had some just not worth doing. One site I joined up to a couple of months ago, was, although this is a UK site, they also offer a service in the USA, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. I was really excited when I found this site, the advertising made it sound like a site which could compete with the best of them.

Now when I was told through advertising I could earn ten pounds a day, I knew this would be an exaggeration, which often happens with paid survey panel advertising, but I still had high hopes for the site. On SurveyNetworks own website they state, they have a low redeem limit, which they proceed fast, they send out a lot of surveys on a daily basis and that there customer service is fast and friendly. Usually when a survey panel sends me a survey, they send me one at a time, if they send me two surveys, it will come in the form of two separate emails. SurveyNetwork is a little different, they send me two emails a day, and each email has around eight links which all lead to surveys, so the truth is they send me sixteen surveys a day.


This all sounds great doesn't it? The problem is things are not as good as they seem, and SurveyNetwork have some hidden pit falls which will disappoint you. The first thing I am going to say is that their claim of ten pounds a day earnings, is not only exaggerated, but ridiculous. They also state they have a low redeem limit, and I would not call twenty pounds low, fair enough, it's not high but it's not low either. Also they state that there customer service is quick, it is not. But the main thing which annoys me about this site is all the surveys they send out, so many surveys yet you find it hard to even qualify for one. In fact I got so annoyed with being fazed out of there surveys, I gave up and no longer use the site, I am yet to cancel my membership but just delete the emails they send me.

I don't like to throw around the word scam, but if there ever was one this would be it. What really surprises me is that SurveyNetwork is partnered and connected to the market research company cint surveys. I have used sites ran by cint, and they have been great, they are a international market research company with a lot of respect, so I don't know what is going on. My overall advice about SurveyNetwork would be not to bother, in my opinion the site is rubbish, and there advertising lies have made me loose all respect for them,, a paid survey panel to avoid.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
15th Sep 2014 (#)

Ill try this one Micheal and tell you the results later, cheers!

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author avatar micheal
15th Sep 2014 (#)

thanks fern, the feedback would be good, to see if it works for anyone else.

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author avatar psionicman2000
24th May 2015 (#)

I use this site and get £20 per month

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