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This page is a review of SurveySavvy, a paid survey website which allow's user's to earn cash by completing easy surveys. Paid surveys are a great way to earn some cash at home, but not all paid surveys are great. So read this review and find out if SurveySavvy is worth the time and effort involved.


I have recently been reviewing the many paid survey panel's, that I use and have used in the past. Through these writing's and review's, you can get a honest opinion on which paid survey panel's are worth taking part in. This particular review is about SurveySavvy, a earning site that I have been using for a long time now. The SurveySavvy website is owned by a market research company called Luth research, which is based in San Diego, California, and this company was formed by a women called Rosanne Luth, and she is the president of this company today.

It is said that SurveySavvy have now paid over 14 million dollar's out, to the user's and survey taker's of the site, so there is certainly some money to be made with them.
SurveySavvy, although a American based website, is available for user's worldwide, and is used by up to 190 different countries, it does have well over a million people who have signed up and use the website. So this is a legit website which has a great reputation online, and I would say it is safe to sign up with them.

Using the site

SurveySavvy is a website which is completely free to join and use. After filling in some simple question's, such as name, age, and country which you live in, it is the simple task of confirming your email address, and you will be ready to get started with them. Once signed up for SurveySavvy, there are some more profile question's to answer, these are mostly about your spending and shopping habit's. You do not have to answer these profile question's, but doing so will help SurveySavvy to find the most suitable surveys for you, and this will help. Out of all the paid survey panels that I use and have used, I would say SurveySavvy is one of the best, when it comes to how many surveys that they send out to me. I do not always qualify for every survey that they send to me, but I still do qualify for many of them.

The surveys I take for this site can pay from anything from $1-$3, and most surveys I can easily complete in 20-25 minutes. It is rare but they have sent me some big paying surveys, and once I did earn $15 for a survey which took me a little over two hour's, which I was very happy with. There is another way to earn with SurveySavvy, other than taking surveys, and that is there SavvyConnect feature. SavvyConnect is a app, which once downloaded will keep track of your online activities, like the TV you watch, the websites you visit and the shopping that you do. I have personally not used SavvyConnect yet, but it is another way you can earn with SurveySavvy.

This site also offer's a great referral program, and if you have a lot of friend's you can get to sign up to the website, you can earn even more cash. The only bad side to surveySavvy, is that they do not offer Paypal or Amazon, as payment option's, instead they offer payment in the form of a cheque. This is no big deal for me, and the great thing is, you can request your cheque, whenever you want, as long as you have at least $1 in your SurveySavvy account.


As far as I am concerned SurveySavvy is a great paid survey website, and a place you can really earn some cash online. The first cheque that I requested did take nearly 7 weeks to get to me, but my $32 did come. My second requested payment of $40 only took 4 week's to get to me, which I was very happy about. I have been a little slow on my survey taking the last few month's, but now I am in full swing and taking them again, I am well on my way to earning my third cheque with the site. So from the two payment's I have already had with them, my opinion of this site is that it is no scam, and a paid survey site well worth doing.

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