Swagbucks Vs Zoombucks, which site is best

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Swagbucks is earning website which most people have heard of, but not as many have heard of Zoombucks. I have been a member and used both of these, and in this article I will let you know which I think is best. By best what I really mean, is which one I and you can earn the most money with.

Swagbucks and Zoombucks

It seems that almost everybody want to earn some cash online these days, and there are some great way's to go about it, that anyone can do. Somethings take a bit of hard work such as writing and paid surveys, whilst other thing's can actually be pretty fun. One of the fun and easy way's to earn a little money online, is online reward programmes and gpt sites. Swagbucks is probably the most popular of these kind's of sites but there are a whole load of others around too. I found another called Zoombucks, I did Zoombucks and Swagbucks, but due to my writing and market research I decided I only wanted to keep one of these types of sites going.

I am sure everyone has heard of Swagbucks by now, there Swag Guy, has become a popular figure online. With both of the sites in question, there is various way's in which you can earn money with them. Like watching ads, taking surveys, playing games, searching the net, completing offers and taking quick tasks. The big question for me was which site is best? Meaning which can I earn the most with?

I will start with there cash out limits. As I work for other sites which pay me in Amazon Vouchers, it made sense that this is how I would get my earnings off these sites too. On Zoombucks I can redeem a three pounds Amazon Voucher, for three hundred points. Whilst on Swagbucks the lowest I can redeem is a five pound Amazon Voucher, which is around 860 points. As you can see the points for cash exchange is much better on Zoombucks. I like to watch a few ads each day with these types of sites, not many just a few. Both sites give you a point for every ad you watch but as three hundred points, equals three hundred points on Zoombucks, this is a penny a point. Whilst on Swagbucks 860 points equals five pounds, so when they give me one point for watching an ad, this is not even a penny, it's just over half a penny, so Zoombucks win's again.

As far as searches, tasks and offers go, both sites give you the same amount of points but as one point is worth more on Zoombucks than on Swagbucks, I would suggest Zoombucks wins again. Now for surveys, I take surveys for paid survey panels, so thought this may be a good way to get myself some surveys to do. I don't know why, and it wasn't for not trying but I just was never able to get myself a survey to do with Swagbucks. What about Zoombucks? I can get them there, I will usually qualify for at least one each day, paying fifty to sixty points. On top of the other points I earn with Zoombucks, my earnings can add up nice and quick.

As you can see, I have found Zoombucks a much better site to work with, the only thing I have found Swagbucks better on, is there buying option. On Swagbucks you can buy things from popular retailers, through the site and get good points for doing so. Personally I don't do this, I don't trust these sites enough to give over my bank details. My overall opinion, is that Zoombucks is much better, if you can qualify for just one survey each day, and take part in the rest of the activities on offer, you can easily get a weekly payment out of the site. Give up Swagbucks today, Zoombucks is much higher paying, and if you have never tried them before, what are you waiting for?

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author avatar Retired
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks for the tip. I have been using Swagbucks for years, but I might just see what Zoombucks has to offer.

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author avatar micheal
22nd Sep 2014 (#)

go for it John, it's much better, I earned £2.50 in the last two days.

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author avatar Tm4ever
1st Apr 2015 (#)

Zoombucks is more or less a scam. Many things on their website dont work. Surveys often dont credit. I listened to the radio earning option for 2 hours on a Sunday and then for 3 hours on a Monday at work. Had it to crash a few times but it launched back quickly. Always typed in the captcha every 30 min. Left for a 45 min lunch only to be banned from streaming music, "Due to sustained suspicious visiting patterns, you have been blocked from accessing the RadioLoyalty platform" That is crazy who bans you from audio streaming for a 45 min stretch and how sustained can it be over 2 partial days of use. Back to to Iheart and Spotify for me. If you want a lot of work for NO rewards Zoombucks is the option for you, other wise I would recommend some of the other reward options like Swagbucks.

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