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Why must tax payer slog to pay for keeping criminals inside a prison?

Have you ever thought about how taxes are wasted?

They use those monies to build prisons, and have all possible security arrangements. They use tax payer's monies to pay the wages of those personnel, and much more. But is that what that money is supposed to be used for?

I think it should be used to build roads, and lay railway lines. It should be used to improve public transport. It should be used to ensure clean water every where. And many other things but prison.

Where do we go wrong?

We need to change the system. Existing system does not punish the criminal adequately. Instead, the taxpayer indirectly bears the burden. We can ensure that the criminal or the criminal's family incurs the relevant costs during the term. Effectively, people would take more care in bringing up their children, and crime rates would come down.

Laws too must change. Personally, I would cut all the fingers of the rapist, and also his toes, and tongue, rendering him incapable of communicating with others. Thereafter, I would release him, out there, confident that he can't harm anybody and he becomes an example to others about what can happen to them if they rape.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th May 2014 (#)

I feel the issue is the poor get caught easily for minor misdemeanors than the rich who have their ways. If law is applied without fear or favor half the battle will be won. Agreed Vandana setting an example will have effect though I would not go to the extent that you have described - siva

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author avatar vandana7
11th May 2014 (#)

Of course that is insanely cruel. But merely having that law in the books would suffice because people would realize how tough it is to live without hands and tongue. As things stand we argue and argue and people suffer.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
11th May 2014 (#)

i agree the money should be used to build better roads, transport, clean water, environmental issues, taking care of those who are neglected...oh if only it was...what a wonderful world it would be...

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