Tax payer money wasted to harass, defame harmless frugal investors in India

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The shocking story of how incompetent dishonest officials waste huge amount of indian tax payer money and resources to defame, cheat, exploit harmless investors for more than 5 years without any proof at all.

Tax payer money wasted daily to harass, defame harmless frugal investors in India

Powerful officials in indian intelligence agencies have huge egos and cannot accept the fact that a single woman invested her hard earned money well. They spend their money on parties, escort, cars and posh homes, families, holidays in foreign countries and then defame the investor falsely accusing her of getting the money from illegal sources, without giving her a chance to defend herself. Their family is an investment, children will take care of them in their old age, while a single woman has no support in her old age.

In Goa the defamation is especially vicious as these arrogant officials cannot accept the fact that the hardworking single woman has earned all the money legally. Most of her savings are from her salary working in the largest engineering company in India for several years, which can be easily proved if these shameless fraud officials gave the woman an opportunity to defend herself, instead of defaming the brilliant engineer in Goa spreading false rumors wasting indian tax payer money.

The other income is from customers who paid by cheque for leads, Google Adsense and Paypal to some extent. All the sources of income can be proved to be legalm No other person with similar sources of income has been persecuted why is the brilliant obc engineer persecuted. Is it because she is a single obc woman , that she is being persecuted so relentlessly
All other individuals will similar education and competence make a similar amount of money, why is the obc engineer tortured daily

Why did the lazy greedy pampered goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc slut bsc sunaina who sleeps with top officals , brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree not work hard to get admission to a top engineering college, get a degree and work for several years in a top engineering company? Why dont the powerful officials promoting these goan and brahmin frauds not admit that these no company can afford to hire these lazy greedy mediocre frauds who do no work and cheat anyone who will trust them,

Only the indian intelligence agencies like CBI, R&AW, NTRO can afford to waste indian tax payer money on mediocre lazy greedy frauds faking their resume without being questioned. Then why do their powerful fraud friends and relatives of these mediocre fraud women shamelessly claim that the goan sluts, brahmin frauds have a Btech 1993 EE degree, Paypal account, and domain names to give these goan frauds and brahmin cheaters great powers, salary and pension for section 420 cheating, impersonation.

Tata Google, paypal should honestly admit that the lazy greedy gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, brahmin cheater nayanshree have got jobs allegedly in R&AW only because they belong to powerful greedy fraud brahmin families who specialize in defaming , cheating and exploiting brilliant obc engineers and stealing their resume. Obc slut bsc sunaina has got fake references of an engineering degree and a job allegedly in R&AW for offering sex bribes to top officials.

None of these lazy greedy mediocre fraud women are Paypal account holders, domain or offline investors or have a Btech 1993 EE degree, the fact can be easily proved. When will the shameless powerful officials in Indian intelligence agencies stop their lies promoting lazy greedy brahmin frauds , obc sluts, other cheaters and stop harassing, defaming the brilliant obc engineer, investor and Paypal account holder.
These officials have wasted tax payer money for 5 years, it remains to be seen how much longer these incompetent dishonest officials continue to waste tax payer money and resources for their personal hatred and greed.


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