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Do you buy British? Is it easy to do? How may of us actually do it and is it important? Join me here for the low down on buying British.

Do You Buy British?

Early in 2013, the Bradshaw family from Westerham in Kent decided to buy only British food, cars, fuel and everything for a whole year. It wasn’t easy. Things like black pepper, nappies, olive oil and tea seemed nigh on impossible but with a little help from the internet they did manage to find earl grey tea grown and produced in Cornwall! Their passion to buy British was impressive and if they couldn’t find British made then they simply went without or made their own!

How Many People Do Actually Buy British And Is It Important To Them?

Well, when it comes to buying British, food is something that has come very much into the spotlight over the last few years. The trend for purchasing British food has been hugely helped along by celebrity chefs singing the praises of local produce and inspiring our interest in buying food from farmers markets. However, even though 76% of UK shoppers agree that buying British food boosts the economy and supports local jobs, only 50% of British people actually look for British produce when shopping. It appears that where food is actually from is only the 5th important issue. More important to them is price, taste, quality and brand.

Supermarkets Are Starting To Support Buying British

Supermarkets have also got in on the act by prioritising local produce where possible and thus playing a huge part in supporting British food sales. This could be for many different reasons but it is worth remembering that back in 2011 there was a huge outrage at Morrisons for stocking Chinese apples in a store that was only a mile from Kentish apple orchards. Sainsburys for example, as part of a sustainability plan and backed by a £1bn investment, now aims to double sales of British food and cut carbon emissions by 2020.

So What Are The Benefits Of Buying British?

When it comes to buying British food there are many benefits. Jamie Oliver rightly pointed out that when it comes to buying British meat for example we not only use less growth hormones in this country but our standards of animal welfare are higher than other countries. Of course, it almost goes without saying that buying British food supports our farmers who have had a pretty tough deal over the last few decades. Also, local food is bound to be fresher and not only do we help to provide jobs for all those involved in the process you are helping to cut down on the carbon footprint too!

So Why Don’t People Buy British?

However, as mentioned earlier, price plays a big part in the reason Britons don’t buy British. Our meat is expensive to rear (our pigs have more freedom of movement than their Danish counterparts) and most people simply do not have the money to spend more on food.
When it comes to British products in general, people don’t tend to buy British because they assume nothing much is manufactured in the UK. This is pretty understandable when you think about the shakeups to British manufacturing over the last few years. However things are on the up for Britain especially when it comes to the specialised technology niche. British aerospace for example is doing fantastically because of the huge global demand for commercial aircraft and even UK furniture manufacturing is prospering. Take British made sofas. These are in high demand despite competition from abroad and this is likely to be down to impeccable British design and technology as well as quicker delivery time than their foreign counterparts.
So, now the recession is on its way out and we know at least the intention is there from people to buy British, will price continue to be such a stumbling block and will people be prepared to invest in British quality and Britain itself. This still remains to be seen.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
18th Dec 2013 (#)

No matter where people live they should always try to buy things locally made, grown, or produced. Buying foreign things hurts your local economy and is bad for the environment (because of shipping).

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
18th Dec 2013 (#)

Good morning, Nathalie; interesting article and full of good reasons to buy British. Hopefully this article will get people to start thinking about locally grown, or as we say in the south (US): home-grown. We have farmer's markets that allow us to purchase organic or fresher produce from spring through late fall, however, the market is only open monthly in the winter. Buying from those individual growers, I've gotten to know them, learn from them, and think I'm doing my small part to help the local economy. ~Marilyn

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Dec 2013 (#)

i go to lots of local farmer's market here in california and grow all my own herbs but i still love British biscuits and Scottish marmalade ..not as sweet and sugary as over here!! great article this thank you...

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author avatar NathalieM
8th Jan 2014 (#)

I just love a good farmers market and I bet the ones in Florida are awesome! Funnily enough, I love a bit of Scottish marmalade too! Thanks for your kind comments.

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