The Challenges of Working from Home

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This article is about how I as a single mother balance life as a freelancer who works from home and life as a mom.

How to Balance Being a Stay at Home Mom and Working as a Freelancer

Many mothers do not have the choice to work or stay home with their children anymore, but there are those who chose to do both. Working at home as a freelancer has may benefits but how do you balance work and home when your work is at home? I am going to show you how as a single mother who works from home as a freelancer I balance it all out. When I first decided to work from home as a freelancer, I thought, 'This will be great.' I thought about how wonderful it would be to be at home with my children on a daily basis because at that point I was working second shift as QC in a factory and never getting to spend time with my kids. I thought about all the benefits of working at home, how I would set my own hours, be able to have dinner with my children every night, and be there to help them with their homework. How I would no longer have to pay a babysitter to raise my children while I was out making money to pay the bills. I thought about how I would save money on gas because I no longer had to drive to work and how I would be there each morning to wake my children up and prepare breakfast for them.

Everything seemed like it would work out perfectly until I actually started working from home and realized I had forgotten to take so much into account. I had forgotten that I would have to push myself every day to find freelance work and that being in the comfort of my home would make that very hard. I had over looked that fact that I have OCD and can easily get side tracked from any task when my house is not perfectly clean. I had not thought about trying to balance life as a stay at home mom and working as a freelancer. This is how I have worked it out.

Every morning I wake up at 6 am and get my children up and ready for school, this was one very important reason why I decided to become a freelancer in the first place. After they are dressed and have had their breakfast, it is time to pick up the house. We have three dogs that live inside and two of them are puppies who love to tear up their stuffed toys while we sleep at night. So we spend about 10 minutes picking up anything that needs picked up, gathering laundry to do for the day and just making sure the house is tidy in general. Then we head down to the bus stop, on warmer mornings we walk down so the kids can enjoy a bit of fresh air before school and play for a few minutes before the bus comes. Once the bus has picked the kids up, it is time for me to get down to work. I immediately go back to my house, turn on my computer, make a big pot of coffee, and start checking email. Email is so very important to keep on top of when you are a freelancer because this is where you will be notified of all of your jobs. After email is checked and any job requests are answered it is time for me to start looking for more work. It is of the utmost importance that you are continually looking for work as a freelancer, you must not just think about making money today but you have to think about making money tomorrow, next week, six months from now. So I exhaust all of the applications I have on every freelance job site. At this point it is about 9:30 am, which is when I usually start getting calls to babysit. I am not a full time childcare provider but babysit in the event of an emergency. This is one of the ways I make money. I schedule any childcare that must be done that day then it is time to move on to writing.

There are several sites that a freelancer can write for and it is good to try to get at least a few articles out a day. This will provide guaranteed money for the writer and if you are just starting out it will provide good practice in the writing field. After all of my articles are done it is coming upon lunch time and I am getting hungry so I grab something quick, start a load of laundry, and head back to the computer. This is the time that I start working on orders for my clients. This is the harder work because when you are writing articles for yourself, they are usually on subjects you enjoy or have a lot of knowledge about. Writing jobs for clients involve a lot of research and a 500 word article can take up to an hour if you really don't enjoy the subject. When I get writers block or just get aggravated at the subject of the article, I jump up, check the laundry, or see if the dogs need to go outside. Sometimes I get a cup of coffee and by the time I head back to my desk which is usually now longer than two to three minutes later I am refreshed and ready to work again.

Depending on the amount of writing jobs I had for the day, and when any kids will start to arrive for me to babysit, this is the point where I usually move on to transcribing for the day. I currently work for two transcription companies online and they usually have work that needs to be done, I will pick and choice which audio files I want to do. I always want the best quality files because they have the quickest turnaround time and will make me the most money. I only work for these two sites if I have no freelance transcription jobs. If I do have freelance jobs those come first. It is coming upon the end of my workday and usually by now I have at least one child to babysit. This is when I start cleaning the house, folding the laundry I did throughout the day and getting my house ready for my kids to come home from school. Now don't get me wrong, if I have no kids to babysit, I work straight through till 4 pm when my kids get home from school and then I do the cleaning up.

Throughout the day I am constantly checking my email, when a client emails me I want to email them back quickly to ensure they stay a client. I am always checking up on new job postings on freelance job sites because I don't want that one great job to get away. I also make sure I have laundry going at all times, I have three children and do not want to get behind on laundry because that will make me very unproductive during my working hours. After my children come home from school, we have a pretty normal life, homework, dinner, baths, and so on. I do keep my phone handy and continue to check my email not wanting to let any clients down but I have explained to my children why I have to run and send an email now and then and they completely get it. At the end of the evening we all sit down and watch a movie together. Well, they watch the movie and I am in the same room once again working on whatever project I have going on at the time. Currently it is writing a book for a client. Then it is off to bed for the kids, I prepare everything they need for the next morning, clothing, backpacks, sign all the papers for school and it is bed time for me by then. Time to rest and get ready to do it all again the next day.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to handle a life of being a stay at home mom and a freelancer from home. It is all about being focused, having a plan, and being ready to change your plans at any moment. A good idea is to sit down each night and write down what you are planning to do the next day, and remember, just because you write it down doesn't mean it is set in stone. If you plan to write 4 articles and only write 3 that is okay. Try writing 4 the next day, and continue trying every day until you get it right. Being a mom is full of challenges and being a freelancer is full of its own challenges, being both is very difficult at times but is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.


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author avatar Smileworld
22nd Oct 2014 (#)

You are doing a great job. I admire you for balancing parenting and your online job. I know that it is hard but you did well.

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author avatar Brandy Morrow
12th Nov 2014 (#)

Thank you. Now we are throwing in home schooling! Going to be my biggest challenge yet!

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