The Controversy of Modern Day Internet Marketing

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This article will talk about internet marketing and some good methods that are working today. The article will mention what was used in the past compared to today.

Methods Back In The Day

Around 15 years ago webmasters were doing such things as creating "Ghost Pages" in order to obtain a higher ranking, which did work for awhile. What are ghost pages? Webmasters used to create titled pages, which were totally blank and create quite a few of them. The search engines would start an index on a web site and see it contained many pages and move the site higher up in rank. This was one of many techniques used back then. But guess what? Using methods such as these can not only get you at the bottom of the ranking list, but worse yet totally banned!

What Are the Top Search Engines Looking for To Rank Your Website Higher?

I have been doing a lot of research on the internet and this seems to be a very controversial question! But I do know the 3 major things that I will talk about below. No one can really give a definite answer as to all the factors because the search engines are most likely continually changing their standards as people find a way to rank higher by using abusive techniques and then ruining it for the rest of us!

I use an SEO program for my site and it has helped me a lot by bringing my search engines ranking higher. I use this as a basic tool for all of my websites. Eventually you will have to use paid advertising less because when you properly optimize your site you will gain natural targeted traffic to your website.

We all know that we can have a website with a 0% SEO score and get instant traffic by paying a ton of money for pay per click advertising. But what about people like me who have an affiliate website and only earn about $3.00 for a $130.00 sale? I'm not going to pay $50.00 (A days' worth of advertising) to sometimes only make $3.00 at a $47.00 loss.

I do think that having a keyword of the type of products you are selling in the domain name helps and I think it does.

I have several websites and I believe a way to increase your best chance of success is to stick to a particular niche (Product you wish to promote) and use one per website. Having too many various products can sometimes annoy the visitor, especially if it takes them sometime to find the item they are looking for.

Now don't get me wrong about selling only one type of product per website because I have a website that has hundreds of different items but you must set your pages up in a proper way. What do I mean by this? You have to set up each page individually as each page was your homepage.

What I mean by this is that the HTML tags, keywords and content must only be optimized for that product on that page. This will get your site properly indexed with the search engines and most of the times take the person who is searching that particular item right to that page on your site and not your homepage.

There is much more involved, but this is just a basic understanding. This is why I say if your first starting out that you may want to stick to one niche at a time per website. I have been doing this for some time and have many websites promoting a single type of product. They seem to receive better traffic. I also know what you're thinking, "Who can afford to pay for all these individual hosting plans"? Well then I have some good news for you! You can go and register a domain name for $9.99 and get a free website account.

I mentioned in a previous article where you can the best deal and the website to check out is Domain.Com.

3 Major Things The Search Engines Look For

The three factors which the search engines still focus on when indexing your website are the keywords and relevant content you use in your website pages, the amount of traffic your website receives and the age of your website.

Keywords & Content

Use your keywords that you have in your websites HTML tags in your content but not excessively or the search engines will consider this spamming. This is where you may consider purchasing an SEO program or a report from a company who offers this service. I have been doing better with my websites by using long tail keywords. What are long tail keywords? They are basically short sentences. Think about the times when you search for something on the internet that your looking for. If I'm looking to buy an RC helicopter I would sometimes use "buy an RC helicopter on sale". Think about this with the things that you offer on your website and add these keywords into your HTML tags as well as use them in your website content. The more precise you can be the better. Even using my example again "E-Flight Blade CX2 helicopter on sale". Try doing this with your website content it will also help get more targeted traffic to your website.

Website Traffic

The search engines will rank websites higher that receive more traffic. The search engines simply look at this as the more traffic, the more popularity, the more popularity, the higher the ranking should be. So it's best to try to get the most amount of visitors you can by posting to blogs, free listings and paid advertising according to your budget. You never want your advertising costs to exceed your profits! I even received traffic to my website by posting free ads on Craigs List! So search around and by any means possible get the word out about your website.

Age of Website

Unfortunately there is no quick cure for this but time! The search engines see a new website as a risk because of the many unorthodox people who are out there that create a website business, take peoples money and run! Then they open up under a different name just to do it all over again!

So the only thing you can do is be an honest seller and try to get as many facebook or other social site likes. Having these likes will greatly help with your websites ranking.

So there you have it with these three topics. These three topics are not the only things the search engines look for when ranking your site, but they are surely at the top of the list.

I would say to really focus on your sites content and using the long tail keywords. Then try to get as much traffic as you can by putting the word out and the rest will follow.


There is a controversy on what type of keywords to use for your website. And the average person says the most popular and top of the list according to the item/product I am selling. I would have to disagree on that. Why? Using very popular keywords means one thing, COMPETITION! And forget about how much this will cost you when you're using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. You will have to compete against millions of sites to get a decent search engine position. So what do you do now? Try using what called long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are basically almost sentences when compared to just a single keyword and your search becomes more narrowed down, giving you an upper hand on the competition. Here's an example below:

Galaxy Phone

Galaxy Cell Phone on Sale

Get the idea?

So the next question is "How do I generate these keywords"?

Go to Google AdWords keyword planner and select Search for New Keyword Ideas

Enter your keyword at the top of the page and at the bottom press Get Ideas

You will see a list and the prices per click they would cost you if you want to advertise with Google. So you say "Now what, I see all the keywords, but what do I do now'?

Select download to Excel CSV and then save file.

The document opens in Excel. Then at the top of the rows click on the top of all rows one at a time and press your delete button all except for the keyword list. Then at the top of Excel select save as Scroll on your file extension names and select Unicode Text (*.txt)

You will see a message that says "YouDocumentName.TXT may contain features that are not compatible, do you want to keep the workbook in this format. Select yes.

Close your Excel file and open up your keyword document that you saved. Find your list that you saved and when you open the file it should say open in Unicode.

Open your file and you should see your keywords all down in a row. Unfortunately they have to be separated with commas.

I have found a page online, where you simply copy and paste the keywords on that page and press the arrow button facing to the right and within two seconds all your keywords become separated with commas. There is no downloading and it's free to use. Here is the website address for the comma separator

There you have it, all your keywords ready to be placed into your HTML website tag.

I will be posting another covering much more in the near future. I hope that some of you enjoyed reading this article.


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