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This document is about money, value and gaining money and value. That is it.

The virtues of smart over hard work.

No dreams and castles are built without the need to back them up with action and fulfillment in reality. Reality is the rock everything sustantial is based on. Without reality to back them up, thoughts and dreams are the hardest reality of all. The master mind can see the vision and back it up in the purest and best way.

So, come as you are, and do creatively what you want and need to do without fear of what the competition can "do to you". Competitiveness cannot create, it may be able to keep up, but competitiveness cannot create in any way.

These are the powerful virtues of smart work. Hard work burns everyone out at times, even the most patient person out. But, if there is genuine persistence, even the worst burn out can be overcome well.

Any obstacle can be crossed and overcome, even the death of a situation. After all, the concept of rebirth is an important concept that makes everything ultimately work, no matter what the failure may be at a "present time". In fact, I can say that recovering is the ultimate smart work that there is, because failure happens all the time, so does success. Although failure feels more prevalent because it is painful, success is just as prevalent, though pleasurable. The ultimate smart work to succeed is failing forward with consistent renewal in mind, or to put it another way: When failure happens, you must start over, no matter how hard it is if you really want the goal. That is the epitome of smart work over hard work. I will put it more colloquially or loosely: If you really want it and you have failed to get it, quit for a minute, step back and start over again with more experience that will help you permanently succeed through that understanding of how to succeed. Work intelligently done in that way is already won ultimately. What I mean by "ultimately" is, failure is just experience, success is permanent fulfillment. That is all I mean. Moreover, "permanent failure" is simply to give up. Permanent success is to persist in understanding and experience until you do succeed, and it does not matter what the temporary failure is. Seeing it and living it that way is the smartest work of all.

The best winners in money, value and society are:

Anyone who wins in money and value does things in the certain way. The certain way meaning, in line with natural thought, effort and productive ideals that are creative and absolutely not competitive. The thing about creation is that it is always original, and never derivative or stealing others ideas in a trite way. There is not any realistic limit to creative thinking or original thinking except for the limits we place on it really.

So, here is a little example of creativity for you: Why was the vacuum tube obsoleted so that the transistor and further, smaller and better developments could be created? They were not created through competition, they were actually created originally through creative evolution, not competitive revolution. First there was the direct current energy source, then the vacuum tube, then the transistor, then the self-powered nano-microchip and on and on with creative evolution. So, here is my main point about being against competitive revolution: The ultimate competitive revolutions are wars, and fights, neither are ever productive. While creative evolution is always productive.

So, the best winners and money, value, and society are always creatively evolving and changing for the better, not having wars, in business, life or otherwise. Like I said in the last section, competitiveness cannot create in any way. But, pure creativity always does in every way, and to everyone's ultimate prosperity.


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good post and thanks for sharing it with us.

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