The Good Life Credit Card System

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Learn different ways to live the good life using your credit cards. Family members may have different points of view and both are happy.

The Good Life Credit Card System

Instead of getting into financial trouble with your credit cards you can actually improve your money situation if you follow the tips given here.
A good life should include some special things you give yourself and credit cards are begging to help you there. This credit card plan is not a way to appear to be rich and faking the good life. You must pay off your bill each month to make this system work for you.

Choose Your Cards and Invest in Them

The first step to a good life with credit cards is to decide what you want the cards to do for you and apply for them. A search on your computer will reveal credit cards that pay one to five percent rewards. Some give you bonus points on categories. Consider your cards like an investment and choose which cards you use to gain the maximum points for your wants.

My wife and I have different ideas about the good life with credit cards but when combined we get lots of good stuff. She skips around an annual fee on her card to get really big rewards on airline tickets. I refuse to have a card with an annual fee and love to give myself gifts with my credit card rewards.

Live the Good Life with Discipline

After choosing your cards you must develop a system to use your cards where you get the most points for what you buy. I have a card that pays 2% on groceries and 3% on gas purchases. On another card I get 2% back on everything. Some cards let you get different returns on different categories.

With a plan in mind my wife charges everything she can on her card and will earn a free airline ticket for international travel. Like most married folks we both think we are right and the other is wrong but the good life comes by each of our ways of doing things.

Enjoy the Good Life Responsibly

Consider yourself living in a cashless society and choose your cards to pay for everything. Even those pennies add up quickly. I am typing on a computer that was purchased free with my reward points. My wife will fly from America to Asia free with her good life plan.

You can enjoy using your credit cards if you choose wisely their use and buy only what can be paid in full each month. Next time you are at the airport if you see a guy carrying a laptop and the lady holding up her ticket pause for a moment. If they both have a smile on their faces perhaps you have seen a glimpse of the good life with credit cards.


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almost everyone is using credit cards except me

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