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Should you look for an elegant idea to improve your house, then the loft design might be the answer

Considering The Loft Design for Your Home

Among young people in almost everywhere, there is one design that is getting more and more appealing and desirable; the loft design. What is a loft design anyway? When you look it up in the English dictionary, you will find it as a large, floor over a warehouse, a factory or some other industrial space that usually has no partition. To simplify the definition, you can consider it as a large studio that has no partition to divide the rooms. In some cases, you can find a sleeping area or an extra floor on top of the room rather than having an extra room at the side to some additional space. you might find it rather difficult to manage the spaces for dining room, kitchen area or other types of room in this large room since there is no partition available. You can find some helpful ideas in applying the loft design for the spacious areas in this article.
The furniture you have in the room could be used to divide the loft space nicely. Here is one simple example for you; a high kitchen table could be useful to separate a living area and an open kitchen. You can use bar and stools to do the same as well.
The different areas in you loft area could also be divided by a carpeting or some other floor finishes. You can use different carpeting or floor finishes for the different areas. For example, you can put a certain carpeting for the kitchen space and another different carpeting for the entertainment area. Rugs could be a nice floor covering to differentiate some area from another as well. You can try by using a rectangular rug to mark the hallway entrance or a diagonally-placed rug to mark the leading room, or you could just simply place it right in the middle of the living room while surrounded by furniture.
One interesting and smart way to differentiate the areas in loft design would be wall painting. You could simply paint the walls of an area with a certain color while another different color for the other side of the wall of a different area. Let's have a clearer picture with this example; you can choose to paint the left wall with a pale yellow in order to mark it as the kitchen area, and use some other color like cream or whatever to paint the area supposed for entertainment purpose.
You also need to pay attention to the available type of the furniture you have in the large room. The furniture such as winding couches that have extended chaise loungers, ottomans and longer could be useful in both maximizing the space and cornering off an area. If you find some little gaps or spaces that need to be separated, you will find the potted plants very helpful for that issue. You can even use the bookshelves or beds area for some other purposes by pulling them out of the walls and tuck them away during the day.

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author avatar WOGIAM
2nd Jul 2014 (#)

Thanks for your suggestion, at times like this I wish I owned my own home so I could do what I what to do with it.

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author avatar asep
4th Jul 2014 (#)

wish you can have your dream home soon :-)

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