The Mother of Invention

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You can use your rubber washing up gloves to make opening a tight lid on a jar


Plato, the Greek author and philosopher quoted in ‘The Republic ‘Necessity, who is the mother of invention.’ and ever since, we have been doing just that.

Old Envelopes

From using old envelopes for jotting down notes to using supermarket plastic bags in the kitchen for the rubbish, we are all driven to invention, let’s face it, one hell of a lot of the great Inventions that we now take for granted, and came about by accident or necessity. I guess we just had to have fire, that was another necessity, and the wheel was developed to make our life easier, how on earth would we have got on without that I do not know? The need and or requirement for things will always bring about inventions.

Making life Easier

In all walks of life we use inventions, for improving our lifestyle and just making a everyday chore easier.

My mother who had very bad arthritis, would put all her washing in a bag and throw the lot downstairs rather then carry it, she would also use her rubber washing up gloves to make opening a tight lid on a jar a lot easier. Prisoners are not allowed cell phone but by tapping on the bars in a sort of Morse code they could communicate with each other, and don’t forget the tying of sheets together to climb out of high buildings.

Using rubber glove to open tight jar lids

The printing press took over from hand written documents and the car took over from push bike which in its turn took over from walking, man has an inbuilt need to improve and improvise his lot, and from the time we fist made an appearance on this earth we have been doing just that. To become the dominant species man developed weapons and the humble arrow has now become weapons of mass destruction, maybe not such a good thing that one. I have to admit I love to hear how inventive other people are it seems some have the ability more then others and some countries invent more things then others I wonder why ?.

it’s a right handed world

It could be the type of weather we have or whether we are rich or poor, or come to that how tall we are, short people have to adapt to live in a tall world, and left handed folks lets face it, it’s a right handed world, I know that because I am a southpaw.

No matter what problem we come up against man will always find a way round it.

It seems that necessity really is the mother of invention


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