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Everybody loves to win, but who loves to train. In this sense, the training is financial management and understanding, not looking wealthy, rich or powerful. That means living within your means, whatever they are and being realistic to yourself without wanting to "put on a show". That means financial management and not a show. Which is what this article and sections are about.

I was using my spreadsheet the other day on my computer and I realized:

I was using my spreadsheet on my computer and I realized that reality does not go to the ones who put on the best show. It goes to the people who are the most real. Let me explain: When I see people in those big Sport Utility Vehicles that can least afford them, and eat out all the time instead of cook at home then put on the "big show" in life lying to themselves and others that everything is fine and the hole is for those on skid row and really losing obviously. I feel more sorry for them than I do those who are realistically homeless and begging, because it is a big high-stress show that has to be kept up despite doing their best to look solvent and relaxed.

Have you ever thought that the most genuinely solvent and relaxed are the most realistic in life? I did not say suicidal in any way or homeless, but realistic. To become a real winner, you must start by being genuinely realistic. That is one thing I notice about "average" people, they want to put on a show of being "better than realistic" in that sense. Unrealistic thinking and action is what keeps people losers. What makes people real winners is to be blatantly and genuinely realistic. Some need to reach a crisis point to get to this level of reality and say "screw the show, I want to live realistically and really be a winner".

So, realistically, investing in a show, or imitating people is not the way to go. But investing in genuinely, and being yourself really makes you genuinely rich, even if people see you as "poorer and more of a loser than them" because you have admitted reality in fully.

Put-on images and the show, makes losers. Reality and admitting what is real makes real winners.

Telling the message about winning like it is.

The economy only gets genuinely better when it is not based on denial and an underpinning of a fear of poverty. When it is based on realistic riches, it works.

Sure, the above is a simple statement, but we have all got to start somewhere and get our minds out of the haze of "keeping up" do we not. In fact, "keeping up" is the key to poverty, and being what you genuinely are to the best is the key to riches like Steve Wozniak being realistic enough to sell his scientific calculator to create the first Apple computer with Steve Jobs realistically selling his Volkswagen to create the first Apple computer. Let me put it this way, realistic thinking made them rich, and if done right and gotten right it can and will do the same for you and me. I will just keep this simple and say "think about it", and if you like what you are thinking about, act on it. That is the key to being real when you think then act, not put on a show and then think, "what did I do?" when the bills come. We all can really win, but it starts with being realistic and honest with ourselves.

Smoke, mirrors, and losing

To be a blowhard is not a way of life, it is a show. Why do you think big movie stars and all of that kind of thing play "musical chairs" with expensive, large homes and all of that? Or they seem to have easy divorces, even when their marriages seem solvent. It is all about smoke, mirrors, and really insecure losing at those levels at times. The really happy are mostly quiet about it anyway, and genuinely cool about everything or almost everything. I did not say the really happy are perfect, but, let me put it this way, they are better at living than blowhards, and show off people will ever be.

Smoke, mirrors and losing is definitely the way of blowhards and people who put on a show of being happy and perfect. Those who are happy and perfect are not conscious of it usually, they just are happy and perfect. Oh, I do not mean happy and perfect literally, all I really mean by that term is a satisfied state of mind and spirit, not so much the traditional measure of "happiness and perfection" or "a chicken in every pot and a car in every driveway". To be a real winner is to be what you really want to be anyway, not put on a show for others that "looks good". There, I just gave you the key to the mystery and misery of smoke, mirrors and losing and the way out of that. There may be more sections to this article, but without these basic realities, the key to the door to real wealth and "that wealthy feeling" is to blow the door down like the big, bad wolf in the fairy tales, is it not? (A little humor there before I end this section.) What I mean by that is, in reality having or creating the key within yourself is always better than blowing hard and putting on a show to keep up. That is reality, take it or leave it.


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