The Realities of Work and Play

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Sure, money is made in two modes of action: Work and play. Indeed, though, work is the best known way of making money. But some of us who are creative enough get lucky enough to play for money as work, if you know what I mean. This article is realistically about understanding how both ideas combine into one reality of doing what you love to make money as well as being persistent in it when the money is "a little dry".

Let us get real here:

I am not saying that money can be or is made without much work or action, by winning lotteries easily or anything like that. But when you are creative enough, and do what you love creatively and powerfully, money can be made ultimately at a wonderful rate. Now, do not get the idea that there will not be those "dry spells" doing what you love, but when you are persistent and really want the definite major purpose or goal, believe me, at different rates, the "magic" of prosperity happens. It can happen slowly or overnight, but if you really want it, it will happen.

So, let me start with my own example to an extent. Recently, I fell into a few problems with money. But, I am going on with what I want to do with persistence of action, and a definite major purpose until I genuinely achieve what I want however slow or quick it comes. I have made a personal decision to do what needs and wants to be done to achieve what I desire no matter what. I know, it is the old economic law of "pay the real price and take it away for myself" for me. But when I achieve what I genuinely want, it is worth it.

Now to give an opposite scenario of my own that is pretty common, though: A person has a job, it pays enough to live on, a lot or a little, and they do not really want to do the job, but they stay so they can have a "steady paycheck" to keep them afloat. They forget what they genuinely want to the point of keeping things "routine and working". They are like a ship with lots of power, but devoid of a rudder or definite direction anywhere except a genuinely unproductive "comfort zone". They just go, go, go until they run out of fuel or (I know this is mean, but this is real and I have to tell it like it is:) they die running. I get it, that is too many people, but that is the genuine opposite of my own scenario where I have a definite goal going for what I genuinely want.

Realistically, what is best is to have direction as well as the power to work for what is genuinely wanted. What usually happens with that combination ultimately is genuine "overnight success" that works great, is great, and lastly, looks great to all including the person achieving it. I get it and I get the either-or ultimatum: Have a genuine definite major purpose or really go nowhere.

The realities of life

Money is not everything that counts. It is only that to people who have no genuine direction in life. What is everything is what you want as your definite major purpose or main goal in reality. Note: I did not say main goal in life, but I meant "main goal in reality". A main goal in reality is something you would genuinely pay anything for, what you really do want, and the reality of life that counts to you.

Even Napoleon Hill, James Allen, Charles Haanel, Catherine Ponder, Joseph Murphy, Earl Nightingale, Florence Scovel Shinn and so many others spell this out all through their books, lectures and works. If this was not real, this would not be repeated so much, by so many. After all what do you think those six words "We become what we think about" really mean anyway. It does not mean daydream, it hearkens to the major purpose and work of all lives to achieve a definite goal and objective in life and existence.

Remember yourself, the money will come way down the list

You must know yourself and what you genuinely want for a start, the money will come after you are definite on that. Sure, as Friedrich Nietzsche essentially said: If you understand the 'why you are doing it', you can bear with any 'how you must do it to achieve it'. What that really means to me is, you must know why you want it and then pay the price to genuinely achieve it. Without that why, even if you have the power to achieve, you are that ship without the rudder going nowhere with all the power except in pathetic circles. By now in the article, I get it and you should too: Set a definite objective and goal, and all else will be added. Without definition to your goal, purpose and objective, you achieve nothing.

Like a child on a bicycle

When you fall, pick yourself up and start over again and again until you do succeed. It is always easy to give up. Sure, at times it will feel like the example I gave about the boat without a rudder with all the power going in circles. But, if you have a definite and genuine purpose, it is not like that. If you have success in your genuine view, and persistence in your genuine soul, success you will achieve. But if you have "normality" without any real direction for yourself, you will achieve that, retirement and probably a "normal" gold watch to for all the wasted effort. Indeed, real success is a goal progressively achieved, wanted and constantly nurtured.

Build your winner

Losing is always a default mechanism for those who do not really want the goal or objective they are going for. After all, what do you think and understand the term "winners are made, not born" really means anyway?

So, with that said: I can honestly say that there is a subtle difference in consciousness in those that do succeed with little effort, and those who fail, but "want it so much". That difference is the extra mile of persistence like the child and their bicycle they fall off of. Success to that child is saying "Look Pa and Ma, no hands on the handlebars and I am riding well now" with such control of the bicycle that they can ride without hands on the handlebars without getting hurt or falling? I say here that real success is a consciousness that is both hands on the wheel of power knowing that what was wanted was achieved genuinely. From that simple statement of understanding how to build a winner, I can quit writing this article about money, success, play and work. But I will find a way to get one more section out to you.

Inspiration and perspiration

Real perspiration happens when you are doing something just to pass the time without conscious success. Real inspiration happens when you really want a goal and genuinely would do anything to achieve it.

What do you want and need? Are you clear on it in reality?

Anyone can wish and perspire over the lottery and maybe get lucky, but how many do have the inspiration and persistence to genuinely work toward what they want? Success is magical seeming in some ways, but real success is that combination of perspiration and inspiration that works in combination like the smile on the child who mastered the bicycle above translated to the grown person really getting what they really want and need.


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