The Reality of Earning Money Online

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Earning money online is tough. Read this articles, and find out if you agree with me.

Reality of Working From Home

Earning money online is not a easy task. I am sure, many of us on Wikinut has had several headache about our earnings. This blog post will be inform you about the reality of earning money online.

You Have no Control
If you work online, you know that you have no control. With that being said, the owners of the site can close the site down at anytime and take your earnings as well: Bubblews is a site that falls into this catergory. I earned more than $40 and the chances of me getting my earnings is silm to none.

You are Not Alone
Many people are turning to online earning sites, for a source of income. Since the internet is a popular place to earn money, nowadays, you have to be fast and knowledgable about your feild.

You can get Scammed
If you work online, chances are you will get scammed. There are many sites that freelancers are aware of that have a reputation of being scammed sites. It is best, to do your homework, and earn money on multiple sites.

It can be Boring
If you need interaction with others, earning money online can be boring. Siting in front of a computer is not easy as people think it is. Freelancers must be self-motivated, and discipline must be your best friend.

Everyone will not Earn a Full-time Income
It is safe to say, that earning money online will not make everyone rich. There are few that have managed to make a full-time income, but the majority of online earners will earn extra money.

You get What you Give
This section piggybacks of the previous section. If you give very little time, you may earn very little money.

Find What you are Good At
Everything is not for everybody. This lesson, can easily be applied to working online. Someone will hate content mill writing, but love residual writing. In addition, someone may be a good ebay seller, but do not like blogging.

Chase the Dream
This section is related to freelance writing. In regards to freelance writing, it is best to chase the dream. Chasing the dream is more important, because you are willing to do better work. Chasing the money, may result in lower quality work.

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author avatar Retired
10th Dec 2015 (#)

I spend most of the day posting articles on the internet and make around 10 pennies an article and keep on hoping to find something that will pay more

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author avatar Ken5-89
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Online is a tough place to earn. You really have to be dedicated and flexible.

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author avatar Shamarie
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Great share!!!

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author avatar Ken5-89
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Thanks for commenting

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author avatar Ken5-89
10th Dec 2015 (#)

Is this a work from home opportunity?

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