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There are many people trading in stock market today and all of these traders are not at all knowledgeable here but are still making good money form it. I am trying to give some valuable inputs on the stock market tips which might help you to make money

Technical Analysis

Though there are technical analysis to study the market and also there are enough technical analysts around to help you out in finding the right opportunity to trade, finally it is left for you to decide on trading strategy. Today more than technical analysis it is the manipulation which works out in the market. This doesn't mean that technical analysis doesn't have a role to play, but there are also many people who just make money by following manipulations of stocks. Many big investors are buying certain stocks which doesn't have any sound background or which doesn't have any big news for buying. At these points, when there is huge buying volume in those stocks, people obviously sense there is some news on such stocks and will follow those stocks blindly. These people who buy these huge volume stocks can also make profit only if they cover it some profit and if they wait for huge profit they might also get huge loss which many will find it difficult to bare for sure. So, it is always advisable to have some sound knowledge on trading terms and stock movements before getting into real trading with your hard earned money

Making Decent Profit

Stock market is definitely money making platform for many people if they have enough patience with them. Though there will be frequent loss occurring in trades, there is also ample opportunity to earn decent money. One has to wait for the right opportunity and don't get frustrated or impatient while facing loss. Trading in a hurry does make one lose patience fast. Keep your cool and trade with patience when there right opportunity to trade. Sometimes, even after seeing profits in trades, one will be losing by waiting for more profits and this is greediness which has to be avoided as over greediness is not for stock market. If you make decent profit, get out of that position once as you will always have the opportunity to trade again.The confidence factor also plays an important role over here as people with less confidence tends to be little nervous also while trading and if you have covered your profit, it actually increases your more important confidence in the stock market which is very important in trading terms. There are many people who have made huge profit and also lost the same by waiting for more profit. I have witnessed one close friend of mine who had made a single day huge profit of more than $1200 ,but still ended up losing around $900 on the same day which is really a big disaster as he did quit stock market for almost a year before getting into stock market very cautiously. Though there is a risk in stock market, one has to take calculated risk and expect less loss and make more profit as there lies the secret of earning good money in stock trading
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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
17th Mar 2015 (#)

Great article! Thank you for sharing and I will say that the stock market can be very profitable. I think the best thing to do is go with companies that you have researched and really like what they do. Smiles to you.

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author avatar sarosh
17th Mar 2015 (#)

Greediness we have to avoid and have patience in trading

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author avatar WOGIAM
16th Apr 2015 (#)

I have attended 2 introductory courses for stock market trading and hope to start to trade in the near future.

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author avatar sarosh
11th May 2015 (#)

First start with paper trading before investing real money

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