The Two All-New Student Saving Tips Up for Grabs!

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Every student, including me, know that we cannot live by without spending. We always spend--photocopies, requirements, paper-works, materials, and the like. And for the first time in Wikinut history, major secret dish-out on how some students still manage to buy things they want out of their own pockets is now yours for the taking!

99.9% Effective Student Saving Tips Revealed

We have had heard them all--"A coin saved is a coin earned" and "Be like the ant who has food to eat even during the rainy days", and yes, they all mean the same thing. Saving up is as important as air because tragedy is like a thief in the night, no one can tell when it will strike.

And they have also said that we, students, always spend and spend and spend, drying up our parents' or whoever spends for us their well of money. Now this is our chance to redeem ourselves and prove to them we are not ought to be spenders but young savers.

Saving, first and foremost, is not hard! Yes, I know you're shocked, I can tell. But continue reading and you will unravel the roots of my claim.

1. Find your PERMANENT driving force. It shouldn't be as dreamy as saving for that Ferrari or cliffhanger mansion you so envy. Small steps, my friend, will lead you to big ones.

2. Steer away from temptation. Put your money in some place wherein you don't always see it. Or put in a tightly sealed piggy bank so that cracking it will be a tough job forcing you to save more. Clever, eh?

I guess you may think it's not that important or you already know that. But have you tried? Not yet? Well, mate, I guess it's high time. Don't wait for tomorrow what you can do today. Because if Benjamin Franklin had waited for that sunshine, he might not have invented electricity and we'd still be lighting candles up to now!

And before I let you go, there's this teeny weeny reminder from a student, which is me, before you start saving up. It doesn't need to be said, I think, but sometimes common sense isn't that common, I must add.

3. Do not act hastily. Think ten times. Always think before acting. Is that iPhone 4S more important than your most-coveted netbook you need? Think, think, think.

So go ahead, ready.. set.. Save!


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